Mediatheque Stories tagged #MusicHistory

War and peace in music

How does music speak about war? And what does peace sound like? An essay.

Unusual Stories from the Laeiszhalle

Ten of the most entertaining stories about Hamburg's venerable concert hall.

Music as trauma medicine

What can musical monuments achieve that physical ones can’t? An essay by the American composer John Adams.

The deep well of history

A brief look at Armenia’s ancient music in the 21st century

A portrait of Béla Bartók

Amiable yet conflicted: Béla Bartók’s life and work

5 Questions for Aynur

She is currently the most prominent voice of Kurdish music. Her unmistakable sound can be heard at the Kurdistan Festival in the Elbphilharmonie

The Music of Kurdistan

A festival celebrating the diversity and vitality of Kurdish music culture.

5 Questions for Danûk

From wax cylinder to Spotify hit: the band Danûk take early 20th century phonograh recordings and transform them into remarkable contemporary music.

Christmas carols and their origin

The stories behind the most popular Christmas hits.

György Kurtág: Every note in the right place

Late fame through polished and radically reduced music: About the composer György Kurtág.


A host of voices speak in Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’s music. That is one of its strengths.

Electronic music

Making music possible: a short history of electronic sound production.

The whole world in music

How different cultures find one another: a short history of world music.

Franz Schubert and Love

About the Romantic composer and his works, whose melodic beauty fascinates us to this day.

Bach: The Ways of a Dynasty

The Bach family stepped into the limelight a long time before Johann Sebastian was born.

The mandolin – an all-rounder among instruments

Everything you need to know about the versatile plucked instrument and why it has rightly been chosen as the 2023 instrument of the year.

Alfred Schnittke – A Portrait

A report by a contemporary witness on one of the leading composers of the 20th century

Lisa Streich: What she wants to hear

The swedish composer has shimmering, crystalline sounds in mind for the Elbphilharmonie. Thanks to a composition prize, she now has the chance to realise her ideas.