Mediatheque Stories tagged #MusicHistory

A yearning for great heights

Up in the mountains, it is always about more than mere nature. An excursion with Mahler, Strauss and Krenek’s »Reisebuch aus den österreichischen Alpen«.

René Jacobs: The Wolf’s Glen whisperer

Period performance guru René Jacobs has gently blown the cobwebs off the Romantic opera »Der Freischütz«, returning it to an ideal state that never existed in that form.

Music inspired by nature

»There's nothing more musical than a sunset« – The 2022 Hamburg International Music Festival takes an extensive stroll through nature.

Seven shades of Sibelius with Klaus Mäkelä

»Then the music flows automatically« – the Finnish star conductor talks about his Sibelius cycle and what he loves so much about this music.

John Zorn and the downtown scene

Radical, eccentric, experimental: the fascinating artists’ scene of downtown New York.

Hudba! The Unique Style of Czech Music

How Bedřich Smetana, Antonín Dvořák and Leoš Janáček developed a unique national style – and conquered the world with it.

Beethoven 9: Musical world cultural heritage

Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony conjures up the equality of all men as no other work does.

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: Elbphilharmonie Explains: The Jazz Trumpet

The Hamburg trumpeter Philipp Püschel on the history and versatile sound of the trumpet in jazz.

From the New World

Typically American: a brief history of modern American music.

Orpheus: the singer of the millenium

He was the most famous singer in the Greek myths, his story inspired artists in every era and genre – and Orpheus was even involved in the birth of opera.

Electronic music

Making music possible: a short history of electronic sound production.

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: Elbphilharmonie Explains: Hanns Eisler

Eisler expert Albrecht Dümling on the extraordinary composer, his contradictions and on music for a better world.

Hanns Eisler: A revolutionary in his time

About the communist composer and a life full of contradictions.

Mozart's moment

When the right person is in the right place at the right time, extraordinary things can happen – that is the background to the project »Mozart Momentum 1785/1786«.


Begriffe rund um die Musik, einfach erklärt.

Christmas carols and their origin

The stories behind the most popular Christmas hits.

How do you become a jazz musician?

About a genre between street music and a university subject.

Not So New at All Any More

Contemporary classical music: a short history of the sound of the 20th century

Caetano Veloso: Brazil’s voice of the century

He is the greatest all-rounder of Latin American musicians – and above all undaunted in every artistic confrontation with the powers-that-be.