Us in the City Many of the Elbphilharmonie’s events, concerts and workshops are held in Hamburg’s city districts.

Active in the city districts

Music for everyone! Elbphilharmonie workshops and concerts are held in a number of cultural centres all around Hamburg. They are a great opportunity for children and adults, beginners and intermediates, to experience music in a variety of ways and even to make music themselves easily.

Prices are deliberately kept low to ensure that everyone can take part.

Edekabank is an Elbphilharmonie project partner in the city districts

Elfi Baby Concert
Ferne Klänge

Für Kinder

Elfi Baby Cocnert
Elfi Baby Cocnert © Claudia Höhne

Twinkle Concerts

Für junge Zuhörer gibt es auch in den Stadtteilkulturzentren viele Funkelkonzerte. Die liebevoll inszenierten Produktionen mit erstklassigen Künstlerinnen und Künstlern richten sich an unterschiedliche Altersgruppen. So gehen sie optimal auf die Bedürfnisse der Kinder ein und eröffnen ihnen auf behutsame Weise die Welt der Musik.

Holiday Programme / Kreativ BeatObsession
Holiday Programme / Kreativ BeatObsession © Claudia Höhne


Banging and clapping, rattling and drumming: at »BeatObsession« children and young people immerse themselves in the world of rhythms for a week. Under the guidance of professional musicians, the participants can try everything out, producing infectious beats not only on a drumkit, but also using buckets, boxes or other everyday objects. The workshops are also held in many Hamburg arts centres, and for the project's finale the participants all appear together at the Elbphilharmonie.

Please note that only children aged 10+ and teenagers may participate in this workshop.

With support from the Hamburger Volksbank

Das Klingende Mobil
Das Klingende Mobil © Kathrin Spirk

Sound Mobile

Frisch geputzt und bis oben hin gefüllt mit Instrumenten macht sich das Klingende Mobil bereit, um auf Hamburgs Straßen in Richtung der vielen Stadtteilkulturzentren aufzubrechen und neugierige Augen zum Leuchten zu bringen. Das Ausprobieren und der gemeinsame Spaß stehen dabei immer an erster Stelle.


There is nothing so wonderful as making music together. Everyone can experience that in the Elbphilharmonie’s join-in ensembles: young and old, beginners and intermediates. The Elbphilharmonie boasts six in-house ensembles: one choir, two large orchestras, one creative orchestra and two gamelan ensembles.

They meet every week and, with great energy and enthusiasm, develop their own concert programmes, which are performed in the halls of the Elbphilharmonie and in various Hamburg city districts.

Chor zur Welt
Chor zur Welt © Claudia Höhne

Konzerte der Mitmach-Ensembles


The Elbphilharmonie’s supporting programme offers a variety of different angles on the music performed – either to complement the concert itself, or as an experience in its own right.

As a rule, the Elbphilharmonie+ events are interdisciplinary in nature: exhibitions, talks to accompany a particular concert or events featuring flamenco dancing or scat singing. They take place in the Elbphilharmonie itself in some cases, as well as in museums, libraries and local culture centres.

Elbphilharmonie+ also includes films shown in cooperation with Hamburg cinemas and even culinary events: the programme reflects the many different ways of approaching music.

Circling Sounds
Circling Sounds © Claudia Höhne

All Elbphilharmonie+ events

Far-Off Sounds

It's often sounds and melodies more than anything that clear the fog of the subconscious and bring back memories we thought we had lost. Ensemble Resonanz plays for people suffering from dementia, and for their family and carers.

Ferne Klänge
Ferne Klänge © Claudie Höhne

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