Twinkle Concerts Captivating Twinkle Concerts invite everyone from babies to teenagers to discover different music styles.

Twinkle Concerts

The Elbphilharmonie has a huge selection of concerts for young music lovers: Twinkle Concerts. The lovingly staged productions featuring first-class musicians all come with an age recommendation – from XS to XXL. As a result, they optimally cater to the needs of the children, gently opening the door for them to the world of music.

We have an extensive programme of school and kindergarten concerts for school classes and kindergarten groups.

Digital Twinkle Concerts

The Mediathek offers wonderful recordings of past Twinkle Concerts as well as teasers to get you excited about upcoming concerts.

Elfi Baby Concert

Ages 0–1 : Twinkle Concerts XS

Laid-back atmosphere, heavenly music: the Elfi Baby Concerts for young families and expectant parents.

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O Canto da Baleia

Ages 1–3 : Twinkle Concerts S

Wordplay, opera and singing blue whales carry children aged 1+ away to the world of music.

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Twinkle Conert S »Elefant aus dem Ei«

Ages 3–5 : Twinkle Concerts M

Musical adventures for children aged 3+: with koalas, elephants, puppets, dance and live music.

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Sonne, Mond und Streicher

Ages 6+ : Twinkle Concerts L

Penguins, planets and courageous cellists introduce the big themes of life in a playful way: Twinkle Concerts for children aged 6+.

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Rune Thorsteinsson

Ages 8+ : Twinkle Concerts XL

Wild percussionists and a magical universe: Twinkle Concerts for children aged 8+.

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