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Children and Families

Discover the whole world of music at the Elbphilharmonie. We offer interesting, interactive concerts for every age group.

Funkelkonzerte / Twinkle Concerts

»Funkelkonzerte« (Twinkle Concerts), that is the name for the Elbphilharmonie’s new concert series for children. These concerts are sometimes funny and playful, sometimes quiet and reflective, but they always make the world of music accessible to children in a unique way. »Funkelkonzerte« take place in Kaistudio 1, the Recital Halls and even the Grand Halls of the Elbphilharmonie. These events are tailored to the special needs and abilities of the respective age groups.

Additionally, our popular »Elfi Baby Concerts« for families with infants up to one year of age, as well as for expectant mothers, continues this season. These concerts take place at the Elbphilharmonie, but also at cultural centres in various Hamburg districts.


What is even better than listening to music? Making your own! This is the theme of the Elbphilharmonie’s music education programme, which includes age-appropriate concerts, creative workshops and musical encounters that allow visitors to actively participate.

Participation Events
Elfi Baby Concert

Elfi Baby Concerts

Ages 0–1

The ever-popular »Elfi Baby Concerts« are a wonderful time-out in the midst of chaotic everyday family life. These concerts invite parents of newborn babies and expectant mothers to relax on cushions and listen to soothing string sounds. There is plenty of room for pushchairs, and baby changing facilities are available at all concert venues.

Elfi Baby Concerts
Twinkle Concert S

Funkelkonzerte S / Twinkle Concerts S

Ages 1–3

Everyone can blow a bubble, but what happens when you blow into a tuba, a bugle or a flute? Three musicians from the Dutch ensemble Alle Hoeken van de Kamermuziek put this to the test and explore the world of sound with their young audience. Alongside this production »Hui«, the concert »Pebbles Do What They Can« by French group Compagnie Tafftas is also part of the »Funkelkonzerte« series for children aged 1 to 3.

Funkelkonzerte S / Twinkle Concerts S / Ages 1–3
Twinkle Concert M

Funkelkonzerte M / Twinkle Concerts M

Ages 3–5

Clear the ring for Antonioni! The »Funkelkonzerte« for children aged 3 to 5 are entirely devoted to the world of the circus. The Austrian group Tetete brings the greatest circus artist of all time to Hamburg in an improvised animation show, which is created live before the eyes (and ears) of the audience. This series also features »Maestro Charivari«, a lively musical theatre production by the Lucerne Festival.

Funkelkonzerte M / Twinkle Concerts M / Ages 3–5
Twinkle Concert L

Funkelkonzerte L / Twinkle Concerts L

Ages 5–7

The »Funkelkonzerte« for children aged 5 to 7 have four exciting productions on offer. During the staged concert »Nachts«, flautist Eva-Maria Schieffer and two shadow puppeteers from theater fayoum go on a faraway journey through the realm of dreams. »La balle rouge et quatuor« explores the sensitive topic of parents separating. »Tanz und Tapir« takes the audience to the far-away jungle of Argentina, and the prize-winning production »Unterwegs nach Umbidu« tells a wistful yet funny story about friendship.

Funkelkonzerte L / Twinkle Concerts L / Ages 5–7
Twinkle Concert XL

Funkelkonzerte XL / Twinkle Concerts XL

Ages 7+

Seven hot-blooded musicians, performance artists, explorers and acrobats, equipped with violin, trombone, harp, percussion and more, transform the stage into a giant playground. The Lucerne Festival’s prize-winning production »Heroïca« is part of the »Funkelkonzerte« for children aged 7 and above, but is also suitable for children aged 5 and above.

Funkelkonzerte XL / Twinkle Concerts XL / Ages 7+
Twinkle Concert XXL

Funkelkonzert XXL / Twinkle Concert XXL

Ages 10+

Talented children and adolescents from all over Hamburg set the Elbphilharmonie ablaze with hits from the worlds of classical music and pop in the »Funkelkonzert XXL« on 30 January 2017. In this moderated concert with the Felix Mendelssohn Jugendsinfonieorchester and the soloist ensemble from Young ClassX, the youngsters perform works by Beethoven, Dvořák, Williams and others.

Funkelkonzert XXL / Twinkle Concert XXL / Ages 10+

Family Day

Explore the Elbphilharmonie and experience music first hand on »Family Day«. Young and old are invited to listen in and actively participate in the musical expedition taking place throughout the building. All orchestras and ensembles of the NDR, the Ensemble Resonanz and pop and jazz musicians offer a varied programme for all ages ranging from baby concerts to group singing workshops.

Eindrücke vom Familientag
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    Hört, hört! Musik für junge Ohren 2016/17

    The current »Hört, Hört!« brochure offers an overview of all music education programmes available in Hamburg. The line-up covers a broad sprectrum of ages: from babies, young children and adolescents to adults and senior citizens.

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