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Payment Options on www.elbphilharmonie.com

The Elbphilharmonie’s online shop accepts payment with credit card and PayPal. You can select your preferred payment method when paying for your order.

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  • A personal PayPal account is required. It is possible to open a new account when paying for your order.
  • When paying for your order, you will be asked to log in and confirm the payment.
  • Your bank details and/or credit card number are securely stored in the PayPal database. The information will not be transferred during the payment process.
How PayPal works

Credit Card

  • The Elbphilharmonie online shop accepts both Visa and Mastercard.
  • Just enter your credit card number and its date of expiry.
  • In addition, you’ll need to enter your CVV (‘Card Verification Value’) number. This is located on the back side of the credit card and is made up of the last three or four digits of the number found below your signature.
Visa / Logo