Youth Concerts Music from minimal to classical: the Elbphilharmonie invites young adults to extraordinary concerts.

Youth Concerts

The Elbphilharmonie is hosting a series of »Jugendkonzerten«, inviting young adults to experience some very special live acts. There are three very different concert formats in the mix. The Moka Efti Orchestra, the original 14-piece big band from the hit series »Babylon Berlin«, invites you on a fascinating trip back in time to the »Golden Twenties«. The audience are more than welcome – in fact actively encouraged – to sing along during the concert! »Pleistozän« (Pleistocene) is an innovative science concert about the Arctic – with commentary by a geographer and excerpts from the »Antarctica Suite« by the Australian composer Nigel Westlake. At the end of the season, pupils curate their very own concert in the »How to Concert« project. The programme? You’ll have to wait as it’s a surprise!

Elbphilharmonie digital

The Mediatheque offers exclusive music videos and interviews, podcasts, exciting music and backstage stories that accompany the programme in an informative and entertaining way. Take a look!

Moka Efti Orchestra

26 January 2025 | ages 16+ : Moka Efti Orchestra

When the Moka Efti Orchestra makes a guest appearance, the audience is more than welcome to sing along. A concert with the big band from »Babylon Berlin«.

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11 April 2025 | ages 14+ : Pleistozän

A musical voyage to the Arctic: the science concert throws the spotlight on the natural wonders of the far north.

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How to Concert – Technikpräsentation

14 May 2025 | ages 14+ : How to Concert

In »How to Concert«, young people slip behind the scenes of the Elbphilharmonie and curate their own concert. The result can be experienced in the Recital Hall.

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