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Schools and Kindergartens

Besides the many concerts, workshops and ensembles on offer to everyone, the Elbphilharmonie provides a special programme for schools and kindergartens, organised according to level.

School and Kindergarten Programme

The Elbphilharmonie’s School and Kindergarten Programme offers the opportunity to enrich and expand music teaching through workshops. Children and adolescents are able not only to peek behind the scenes of a major concert hall, visit a concert together or meet the artists in person, but also to participate themselves in making music!

The information brochure for music teachers offers an overview of all school and kindergarten concerts, the ZukunftsMusik series, World of Instrument courses for school classes, and other music education events that take place in the new concert hall from 2017.

Elbphilharmonie for Schools and Kindergartens / 2017/18 Season (German only) (6.4 MB)
Read Elbphilharmonie for Schools and Kindergartens / 2017/18 Season online (German only)


phone: +49 40 357 666 336 (Mon–Fri / 12:00–15:00)



Excited whispers, an electric atmosphere – an extensive concert programme brings Hamburg’s new concert hall to life for school classes. Organised according to level, all concerts are designed for a specific age group and take place in the Elbphilharmonie.

Imaginative staged productions that awake all the senses await kindergarten pupils in the Recital Hall. The breathtaking Grand Hall opens its doors for school pupils: taking the stage are not only Hamburg’s major orchestras, but Germany’s top youth orchestras, whose members are only slightly older than its audience.

Tickets: €5.00

Supported by the Haspa Musik Stiftung

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All school concerts are sold out.

Twinkle Concert L / Sun, Moon and Strings

Sun, Moon and Strings

School Years 1–2

The wayfarers from Ensemble Resonanz make music from everything they can get their hands on, and the mood of playing is changeable like the weather. A concert with adventurous sounds from the string instruments, bows and string instrument parts – wood, strings, pegs, rasps, hammers.

In cooperation with Ensemble Resonanz

Mon, 9 Oct – Thu, 12 Oct 2017 | 09:30 and 11:30
Duration: approx. 45 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall

Sold out

Download Learning Material for »Sun, Moon and Strings« (German only) (2.5 MB)
Twinkle Concert L / Piapianissimo


School Years 1–2

The magician Walleboo finds a strange book full of enchanting music, which can bring happiness, comfort and bestow courage. As he browses through the book, he has a go at conducting, tries out batons and learns how to read sheet music. A charming piece that whets children’s appetite for magic.

Fri, 15 Dec 2017 | 09:30 and 11:30
Duration: approx. 45 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall

Sold out

Twinkle Concert L / Der Kleine Harlekin

The Little Harlequin

School Years 3–4

Karlheinz Stockhausen’s piece »Der kleine Harlekin« (The Little Harlequin) was inspired by his belief that there is another, cosmic dimension alongside our earthly world that determines our lives. It tells the story of a young girl that gradually becomes self-aware, growing up and carried away into a new world.

A production of the Wiener Taschenoper.

Fri, 18 May 2018 | 09:30 and 12:30
Duration: approx. 75 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall

Sold out

Journey to a New World

School Years 3–4

When you move to another country, you’re jumping into cold water. So many new things to see and hear can be exciting and fascinating, but one has to get one’s bearings first – and deal with inevitable homesickness. In this thrilling production young listeners set off on a grand journey for America, the New World.

In cooperation with Ensemble Resonanz

Mon, 12 Feb – Fri, 16 Feb 2018 | 09:30 and 11:30
Duration: approx. 45 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall

Sold out

Download Learning Material for »Journey to a New World« (German only) (2.1 MB)

Come on, Elphi, Another Goal!

School Years 5–6

Laola feeling in the Elbphilharmonie: right on time for the World Cup, football fever has broken out in the ranks of the Symphoniker Hamburg. Together with presenter Juri Tetzlaff, strings, wind instruments and percussion embark on the search for things that top athletes and professional musicians have in common; after a really tough training session, they play for the coveted Elphi Cup. It goes without saying that the audience is welcome to join in!

Tue, 27 Mar 2018 | 09:30 and 12:00
Duration: approx. 60 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall

Sold out

Rhythm of Life

School Years 7–8

After a thrilling start to the first Elbphilharmonie season, schoolchildren once again play for their fellow pupils in the Grand Hall. While the musicians of the Felix Mendelssohn Jugendsinfonieorchester turn into virtuoso instrumental dancers in the sweeping Sleeping Beauty waltz or the brisk Argentine malambo, cellist Teresa Beldi carries the audience off to the colourful world of the French composer Lalo. And when the soloist ensemble Young ClassX strikes up the dance hits »Shackles« and »Rhythm of Life«, the audience is sure to be on its feet: aching muscles are a guarantee the next morning!

In cooperation with the Young ClassX

Tue, 27 Feb 2018 | 09:30 and 12:00
Duration: approx. 60 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall

Sold out

Download Learning Material »Rhythm of Life« (German only) (263.8 KB)

New York, New York

School Years 9–10

»The city that never sleeps« is a popular nickname for New York. It’s hard to get bored in this great metropolis – especially on Broadway, the street famous for its many musical theatres: night after night, Broadway vibrates with singing, laughter and dancing as if there was no tomorrow! The Junge Deutsche Philharmonie brings the New York sound to the Elbphilharmonie with rousing orchestral pieces, rhythmic jazz and gruesome sounds from the city’s underworld.

Tue, 9 Jan 2018 | 09:30 and 12:00
Duration: approx. 60 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall

Sold out

Download Learning Material »New York, New York« (German only) (940.6 KB)


School Years 11–13

Catcalls, booing and laughter – the premiere of Stravinsky’s »Le sacre du printemps« was a full-blown scandal! The dancers stamped around the stage aggressively, and the music was wild and full of unfamiliar rhythms. Today, the score that once shocked the public is now seen as the work that marked the beginning of modern music, and the » Rite of Spring« is long since a repertoire classic. The Junge Norddeutsche Philharmonie embarks on a daring experiment tonight and mixes the latest live electronic music into the orchestral sound. Make way for SacrElektro!

Tue, 27 Mar 2018 | 19:30
Duration: approx. 80 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall

Sold out


School Years 11–13

»Do you also listen to pop music?« When Hamburg school pupils ask top musicians questions about their classical music career, they are usually surprised by the answers. These face-to-face encounters are made possible by the ZukunftsMusik (Music of Tomorrow) fund. In music lessons at school – supported by Elbphilharmonie music educators – pupils first learn all about the compositions that make up the current repertoire of the musicians. Following discussions with the musicians or rehearsal sessions, the school pupils are offered the chance to visit a concert in the evening and watch »their« artists perform live on stage.

In cooperation with Rhapsody in School

All 2017/18 ZukunftsMusik Dates at a Glance
The Music of Tomorrow


All 2017/18 ZukunftsMusik dates are sold out.

World of Instruments

Anyone who is interested in learning about the world of music has come to the right place. In the Elbphilharmonie’s World of Instruments, more than 400 instruments are waiting to be tried out! From trumpets and drums to exotic gongs and flutes: here, everything that makes a sound can be found here - even iPads and audio equipment.

All workshops are offered in the mornings and adapted for school classes of all levels. Each workshop includes a 30 minute guided tour of the Elbphilharmonie.

Supported by the Hubertus Wald Stiftung and the Stiftung Elbphilharmonie with funding from the »Körber Fonds ZukunftsMusik«.

All World of Instruments Courses for School Classes 2017/18 (219.6 KB)


All 2017/18 World of Instruments courses for school classes are sold out.

Klassiko Orchester­instrumente

For School Years 1 and Above

Strings, woodwind, brass and percussion: in a classical symphony orchestra, different families of instruments come together, and each one has its peculiarities. The workshop »Klassiko Orchesterinstrumente« introduces all the instruments of the orchestra before the schoolchildren get active themselves and try the instruments out under guidance; interesting sound experiments and improvisation games are included. At the end, the pupils perform their own little orchestral piece that they have developed together.

Duration: approx. 135 minutes (incl. guided tour and break)
Elbphilharmonie Kaistudios

Classic Orchestra

More Klassiko Workshops

For School Years 3 & Above

Klassiko Saiteninstrumente / String Instruments

This workshop features not only the instruments of the classical symphony orchestra, but also, in addition to guitars or ukeleles, lesser-known instruments from far-off countries.

Klassiko Blasinstrumente / Wind Instruments

Traditional or nearly-forgotten instruments from the distant past supplement the instruments of the classical symphony orchestra in this workshop.

Klassiko Schlaginstrumente / Percussion Instruments

In addition to the classical orchestral percussion instruments, this workshop also introduces us to non-European rhythm instruments.

Klassiko Jazzinstrumente / Jazz Instruments

From the double bass to the vibraphone: many of the instruments played in a classical symphony orchestra are used in jazz as well. They are all presented in this workshop, then the pupils get a chance to try their hand at small-scale improvisations.

Familientag / Instrumentenwelt

Kosmos Percussion

For School Years 3 & Above

A sound expedition through the music cultures of five continents. In this workshop, children and adolescents discover percussion instruments according to their previous musical knowledge – all of the instruments having travelled several thousand kilometres just to be put to the test. Participants analyse the tonal similarities and differences in comparison to instruments they already know, and try the instruments under expert guidance. In small groups, the school pupils develop rhythms and melodies inspired from the different cultures, and present them to their classmates afterwards.

Duration: approx. 135 minutes (incl. guided tour and break)
Elbphilharmonie Kaistudios

Cosmos Percussion

Kreativ Klangsafari

For School Years 3 & Above

On a sound safari through the Elbphilharmonie: we find exciting sounds not only in music on and behind the stage, but also in the walls of the brand-new concert hall. In this workshop, school pupils start off on an expedition with the aid of headphones and an iPad in small groups. Everything and anything they find acoustically interesting is recorded using a simple app. Then it is time to experiment with the sound material: according to the level of the school class, the school pupils learn all about electronic composition techniques like samples and loops, and produce their own experimental musical miniature from their collected tones!

Duration: approx. 210 minutes (incl. guided tour and break)
Elbphilharmonie Kaistudios

Creative Sound Safari

Kreativ Komposition

For School Years 1 & Above

Whether it is Mozart’s »Eine Kleine Nachtmusik« or Adele’s pop hit »Hello« - behind every piece of music, with all its notes, words, sounds and beats, hides (at least) one creative mind. In this workshop, children and adolescents take the role of composers, conduct sound experiments, pick up different improvisation techniques from their workshop leader, and learn to compose their own musical piece. And all this with the aid of anything that can make a sound: from classical instruments in the rehearsal room, sound snippets on the computer and everyday objects to using their own body – anything is possible!

Duration: approx. 210 minutes (incl. guided tour and break)
Elbphilharmonie Kaistudios

Creative Composition

Kosmos Gamelan

For School Years 3 & Above

For centuries, gamelan has united people in teamwork, because playing in an ensemble is not about standing out as an individual, but seeing oneself as part of a community. In this workshop, children and adolescents are invited to immerse themselves in the »Kosmos Gamelan« and make music using exotic Asian percussion instruments such as gambangs (xylophones) and kendangs (drums) under the guidance of an experienced professional musician.

Duration: approx. 210 minutes (incl. guided tour and break)
Elbphilharmonie Kaistudios

Cosmos Gamelan

Instrumentenwelt Panorama / World of Instruments Panorama

For School Years 5 & Above

A trip through the World of Instruments spread over five Fridays: for the especially curious, »Instrumentenwelt Panorama« combines all nine workshops. Tuba or harp, exotic or forgotten instruments, or home-made electronic sounds: here, school pupils have a chance to explore and ty out everything that produces a sound. The pupils join forces and gather ideas for a composition of their own making, which they then present to invited guests on the last day.

Duration: 5 × 210 minutes (incl. guided tour and break)
Elbphilharmonie Kaistudios

Schools Make Music

Tokio Hotel, AnnenMayKantereit and Silbermond – these are all bands that reached the top of the German pop music charts straight out of school. The Bundesverband Musikunterricht’s »Schulen musizieren« event series proves that Hamburg school pupils also have a lot going for themselves musically: selected school choirs, bands and orchestras are given a chance to show what they’ve got in over 50 concerts per school year.

For the project’s grand finale, schoolchildren, teachers, parents and relatives of the young musicians are invited to the Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall on 15 April 2018.

In cooperation with the Landesverband Hamburg des Bundesverbands Musikunterricht



Kindergarten Concerts

A dancer pursues the sound of a violin, a young apple tree sets off on an adventure all by himself, and two friends discover how to make music with one another using a trumpet and a Persian tombak drum: kindergarten pupils are invited to the Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio to experience three unforgettable, internationally acclaimed music theatre productions. Customised for the needs and abilities of children aged 3 to 5, the concerts are particularly worthwhile.


All 2017/18 kindergarten concerts are sold out.

Twinkle Concert M / Goldmädchen


Ages 3–5

A dancer and a violinist meet and interact closely with one another – until the dance movements and the sounds of the violin seemingly melt together. A story of curiosity, sensitivity and friendship, arranged by the award-winning director Dan Tanson.

Fri, 8 Dec 2017 | 09:30 and 11:15
Duration: approx. 45 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Twinkle Concert M / Zweieinander


Ages 3–5

Two friends – one plays a trumpet, the other plays a tombak drum. One needs lips and breath to play, the other hands and fingers. Lo and behold: You can make all kinds of music with the instruments and the bodies, next to each other, with each other, together and alone – simply t(w)o each other! 

Fri, 2 Feb 2018 | 09:30 and 11:15
Duration: approx. 45 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Twinkle Concert M / Ein Baum geht durch den Wald

A Tree Sets Off Through the Forest

Ages 3–5

The young apple tree Ewald doesn’t want to put down any roots yet, he’d rather turn somersaults! »Be off with you!« he shouts into the woods. »Be off with yourself!« the woods shout back at him. Without further ado, Ewald sets off. A clever piece of puppetry with accompanying music ranging from Handel, Tchaikovsky and Dvořák to tango and swing – abstract, imaginative and with loving attention to detail.

Fri, 20 Apr 2018 | 09:30 and 11:15
Duration: approx. 45 minutes | Elbphilharmonie Kaistudio

Klingendes Mobil / Sound Mobile

Brave or timid sounds, happy, off-key or squeaking notes: when the Klingendes Mobil (Sound Mobile) comes roaring round the corner, our youngest have the chance to make their first tentative steps in the world of music.

This rolling outpost of the World of Instruments has lots of classical European instruments on board, as well as djembas from Africa. All the instruments are not only introduced; they can also be tried out.

The Klingende Mobil either stops directly outside kindergartens, or visits can be arranged for kindergarten groups at the local cultural centres in Altona, Eidelstedt, Jenfeld, Sasel or Wilhelmsburg.

Supported by the Hubertus Wald Stiftung


Booking and Information

phone: +49 40 357 666 336 (Mon–Fri / 12:00–15:00)

Tickets: €20.00 per event

Visit the Klingendes Mobil / Sound Mobile

Visit the Klingendes Mobil in the Eidelstedt, Jenfeld, Wilhelmsburg or Sasel cultural centres with your kindergarten group!

Start: 09:00, 10:30 and 12:00
Duration: 60 minutes each (no break)

Dates and Locations

Eidelstedter Bürgerhaus
Mon, 8 Nov / Thu, 9 Nov / Wed, 15 Nov / Thu, 16 Nov
Alte Elbgaustraße 12, 22523 Hamburg

Mon, 15 Jan – Thu, 18 Jan (daily)
Charlottenburger Straße 1, 22045 Hamburg

Motte e.V. (Altona)
Tue, 20 Mar – Fr, 23 Mar (daily)
Eulenstraße 43, 22765 Hamburg

Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg
Mon, 16 Apr – Thu, 19 Apr (daily)
Mengestraße 20, 21107 Hamburg

Mon, 11 Jun – Thu, 14 Jun (daily)
Saseler Parkweg 3, 22393 Hamburg



Book the Klingendes Mobil / Sound Mobile

Invite the Klingendes Mobil to visit your Kindergarten! All that’s needed for the presentation are two rooms in your day-care centre and a parking bay.

Duration: 60 minutes per presentation (no break)
Only bookable in Hamburg


September 2017: Tue, 19 Sept – Fri, 22 Sept

October 2017: Tue, 10 Oct – Fri, 13 Oct

November 2017: Mon, 20 Nov – Thu, 23 Nov

December 2017: Mon, 11 Dec – Thu, 14 Dec

January 2018: Mon, 22 Jan – Fri, 26 Jan

February 2018: Tue, 20 Feb – Fr, 23 Feb

March 2018: Mon, 5 Mar – Fri, 9 Mar

April 2018: Mon, 9 Apr – Thu, 12 Apr

May 2018: Mon, 14 May – Thu, 17 May

June 2018: Tue, 19 Jun – Fri, 22 Jun

All 2017/18 dates are sold out.

Google Expeditions

Discover the world from the comfort of your classroom: Travel to innumerable historic landmarks and view them in 3D with the Google Expeditions App. The Elbphilharmonie too!

The app leads you on an immersive virtual trip through the Elbphilharmonie with the help of questions and explanations about the architecture of the concert halls, the features of the Elbphilharmonie organ and much more.

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