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Bei der »ZukunftsMusik« gehen Klassen mit maßgeschneiderter Vorbereitung in reguläre Konzerte – und lernen vorher die Künstler des Abends kennen.

Up Close and Personal

»Do you also listen to pop music?« When Hamburg school pupils ask top musicians questions about their classical music career, they are usually surprised by the answers. These face-to-face encounters are made possible by the »ZukunftsMusik« (Music of Tomorrow) fund. In music lessons at school – supported by Elbphilharmonie music educators – pupils first learn all about the compositions that make up the current repertoire of the musicians. Following discussions with the musicians or rehearsal sessions, the school pupils are offered the chance to visit a concert in the evening and watch »their« artists perform live on stage.

»ZukunftsMusik« is aimed at school years 10-13.

With support by the Hamburg Commercial Bank AG