Accessibility in the Elbphilharmonie Accessibility in the Elbphilharmonie: helpful information for people with limited mobility, visual or hearing impairment.

Persons with Limited Mobility

Getting to the Elbphilharmonie

  • Underground, Bus and Ferry

    Underground line U3: Baumwall (approx. 450 m from the Elbphilharmonie)
    Underground line U4: Überseequartier (approx. 1,000 m from the Elbphilharmonie)
    Bus 111: Am Kaiserkai (Elbphilharmonie) (approx. 150 m from the Elbphilharmonie)
    Ferry 72 (from Landungsbrücken pier): »Elbphilharmonie« pier (approx. 80 m from the Elbphilharmonie)

    All stops are fully accessible for wheelchair users or persons with limited mobility.

  • With the Car

    Parking spaces for visitors with disabilities are available on floors 4 and 5 of the Elbphilharmonie multistorey car park. Pay stations also cater for the needs of the disabled. Call buttons offer a direct connection to the car park headquarters via phone and video. There is a headroom restriction of 2.10 metres.

    The Plaza, Grand Hall and Recital Hall cannot be accessed via the multistorey car park directly. Please use the »B« lifts to travel to the ground floor. From there, take the »A« lifts to the Plaza behind the turnstiles (Plaza or concert ticket required).

    phone: +49 711 305 703 05

  • Lifts

    To the Plaza

    Lifts to the Plaza are signposted in the entrance area (»A« lifts) and are located in the tunnel to the right of the long escalator.

    Diners of Störtebeker Elbphilharmonie can access the restaurant with the »B« lifts from the ground floor or from the multistorey car park directly.

    To the Halls

    The Grand Hall and Recital Hall are only accessible via the Plaza.

    Grand Hall

    Once you have reached the Plaza, there are two lifts (lift group »C«) to the Grand Hall. The main cloakroom is on the 11th floor. From there, take the lift to the floor noted on your ticket. Depending on your seat, there could be a few steps to negotiate in the hall.

    Wheelchair spaces are located on the 13th and 15th floors, and are fully accessible. Accessible toilets are located on the north-facing side of the 12th floor and on the right-hand side of the bar on the 13th floor. Concert hall staff will be happy to assist you.

    Recital Hall

    Use the »C« lifts from the Plaza to access the Recital Hall. The cloakroom and the entrance to the auditorium are located on the 10th floor. An accessible toilet is located in the foyer.

    To the Kaistudios

    The Kaistudios are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors and can be reached using the »B« lifts situated in the tunnel on the ground floor – to the right of the long escalator.

  • Wheelchair Users

    All the halls in the Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle have spaces for wheelchair users, and these are indicated in the hall plans. Depending on availability, wheelchair spaces – and tickets for companions – can be booked as follows:

    • by emailing <a href=""></a>, stating your address and a telephone number in case we have any questions
    • by calling <a href="tel:+494035766666">+49 40 357 666 66</a>
    • in person in one of the Elbphilharmonie <a href="/en/how-to-book#vorverkaufsstellen">ticket shops</a>
    • The number of wheelchair spaces required can also be indicated when ordering online on <a href=""></a>

    Please note that loan wheelchairs are not available in the Elbphilharmonie.

Severley Disabled Visitors


All severely disabled persons receive a 15% discount.

These discounts and concessions apply to events promoted by the Elbphilharmonie and Laeiszhalle (HamburgMusik). Please note that different reductions may apply to concerts organised by other promoters.

Tickets for accompanying persons

Companions of disabled persons with a »B« disability pass get a free ticket – in this case, please book both tickets by phone on +49 40 357 666 66, by emailing or by going to one of the Elbphilharmonie ticket shops.

Guidance System for Visitors with Visual Impairments

Tactile paving system

The tactile paving system begins on the forecourt of the Elbphilharmonie and guides you into the building and up to each floor. There is a notice indicating which floor you are on at the end of every banister. Our staff will be happy to help if you have any questions.

Guide Dogs

Please indicate when booking if you wish to bring a guide dog to a concert or event.

Assistance for Visitors with Hearing Impairments

Grand Hall

Block E and parts of blocks I and K in the Grand Hall are fitted with an induction loop. Hearing aid users can use this to listen to the musical or spoken performance wirelessly through their own hearing aid, provided that the hearing aid is fitted with a »T« switch. If you require this assistance, please select a seat in one of these areas when booking and inform the in-house staff on the evening of the concert.

In addition, remote receivers are available for all areas in the Grand Hall. Visitors with hearing impairments who are interested in using a receiver are asked to enquire at the cloakroom. The receivers can be connected to a pair of headphones or a induction neck loop for the use of hearing aids fitted with a »T« switch. Please note that visitors currently must provide their own headphones or induction neck loop. The remote receivers are compatible in all areas of the Grand Hall.

Recital Hall

Remote receivers are also available for the Recital Hall. Visitors with hearing impairments requiring this service are kindly asked to enquire at the cloakroom.

Contact us!

If you have any questions or comments about accessibility at the Elbphilharmonie and at the Laeiszhalle please contact us via our online contact form.