Workshops For young and old: the Elbphilharmonie’s workshops offer a chance to try your hand at music, rhythm and dance.

Not Just for Kids

Making music together with others - even without prior knowledge - is what the workshops at the Elbphilharmonie are all about! In creative courses such as »Klassiko Orchesterinstrumente« or »Kosmos Minimal Music«, you can try out instruments from the classical symphony orchestra or the traditional Indonesian gamelan orchestra. The courses are open to all age groups, whether child, youth or adult - the minimum age stated in each case applies.

Supported by the Hubertus Wald Stiftung
All Kosmos-projects supported by the Stiftung Elbphilharmonie

Digital Programme

Why not make music at home once in a while? No problem with the World of Instruments digital videos! You’ll find these and other fascinating content in the Mediathek.

The Workshops

For families with children aged 4+ : Klassiko Orchestra Instruments

The classical symphony orchestra consists of different instrument groups. In this workshop you can get to know all of them.

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For families with children aged 6+ : Klassiko Wind Instruments

When air meets instruments, different sounds are created. Here in focus: the world of wind instruments.

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For families with children aged 6+ : Klassiko String Instruments

String instruments are particularly popular: a journey from violin to harp to mandolin.

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For Families with children aged 6+ : Klassiko Percussion Instruments

Beat by beat, classical but also unusual percussion instruments are introduced in this workshop.

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For teenagers aged 16+ and adults : Klassiko Special

Immerse yourself in the world of special instruments: Waterphone, double bass recorder and Tubax can be discovered here.

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For families with children aged 8+ : Kreativ Sound Safari

Headphones on and off you go: There are sounds in every corner. Equipped with a microphone, they are captured.

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Modular Synthesizer

For teenagers aged 16+ and adults : Kreativ Modular Synthesizer

With the help of electricity and under the guidance of a specialist, exciting sounds, noises and melodies are created with electricity.

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For families with children aged 6+ : Kosmos Jazz

Without any previous knowledge but with a lot of curiosity and creativity, jazz instruments are discovered together in the jazz workshop.

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»Kosmos Sound« Workshop

For families with children aged 6+ : Kosmos Sound

You can not only hear music, you can also feel it. »Kosmos Klang« explores the secret of vibrations.

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For families with children aged 10+ and adults : Kosmos Gamelan

A journey into distant worlds of sound: In the workshop, the tradition of gamelan is explored and tried out in community.

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Minimal Music

For families with children from 10 years, youths from 16 years and adults : Kosmos Minimal Music

Carried by repetitive melodies and rhythms, minimal music established itself, this workshop is dedicated to the musical style.

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Holiday Programme - Trips to Exciting Musical Worlds

School’s out and there are no exams to worry about: the holidays are a wonderful time – and the perfect chance to try something new. During Hamburg’s autumn and spring holidays, the Elbphilharmonie offers various 1- to 5-day workshops for children and teenagers. Participants get to travel to fascinating musical worlds, play the violin or trombone, develop wild rhythms or produce their own hip-hop track with a famous producer.

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(Tue–Fri / 12:00–15:00)

Course/workshop language: German

For children and teenagers aged 12+ : Sound design and robot music

Five days of tinkering and at the end you have your own music machine: anyone who enjoys creative experimentation is in good hands in this holiday programme.

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For children and teenagers aged 6–12 : Klassiko String Day

The violin, viola, cello and double bass are like four very different siblings. String Day is the perfect opportunity to try out these wonderful string instruments.

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Klassiko Brass Day

For children aged 6–12 : Klassiko Brass Day

Loud trumpets, fat tubas: on Brass Day, children get to know the brass instruments of the orchestra with the musicians of Symphoniker Hamburg.

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