Workshops For young and old: the Elbphilharmonie’s workshops offer a chance to try your hand at music, rhythm and dance.

Not Just for Kids

The experience of playing music with others is the focus of the World of Instruments – even for those without prior musical knowledge! Other creative courses such as »Klassiko Orchestra Instruments« and »Kosmos Percussion«, during which instruments from classical symphony orchestras and percussion instruments from the Caribbean and Asia can be tried out, are also found here. The World of Instruments is open to all age groups, from children and teenagers to adults.

Please note: The workshops scheduled for 2020/21 cannot go ahead as planned because of the coronavirus pandemic. There will be no workshops in season 2020/21.

We have an extensive programme of workshops for school classes and kindergarten groups.

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(Tue & Wed / 12:00–15:00)

Course/workshop language: German

Digital Programme

Why not make music at home once in a while? No problem with the World of Instruments digital videos! You’ll find these and other fascinating content in the Mediathek.

The Workshops

For children aged 4+ and adults : Klassiko Orchestra Instruments

From the violin, cello and double bass to the trumpet and flute: this workshop is an opportunity to discover the traditional instruments of the orchestra.

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Kreativ Composition

For children aged 8+ and adults : Kreativ Composition

Fancy making your own music? Kreativ Composition is a playful introduction to the world of composing, offering lots of opportunities to get creative.

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Modular Synthesizer

For teenagers aged 16+ and adults : Kreativ Modular Synthesizer

Under the guidance of a genuine synthesizer specialist, the workshop participants learn how to produce interesting sounds, noises and melodies using electricity.

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World of Instruments

For children aged 6+ and adults : Kosmos Percussion

Beat by beat, the children can get to know a variety of percussion instruments from far and wide, and try out traditional national playing styles.

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Workshop Kosmos Klang

For children aged 6+ and adults : Kosmos Sound

You don’t just hear music, you can also feel it. The »Kosmos Sound« workshop is all about vibrations – and it even makes sound visible.

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World of Instruments

For children aged 10+ and adults : Kosmos Gamelan

In search of traditional Indonesian music – this workshop is a chance to explore the gamelan and try out the instrument’s playing techniques.

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Holiday Programme - Trips to Exciting Musical Worlds

School’s out and there are no exams to worry about: the holidays are a wonderful time – and the perfect chance to try something new. During Hamburg’s autumn and spring holidays, the Elbphilharmonie offers various 1- to 5-day workshops for children and teenagers. Participants get to travel to fascinating musical worlds, play the violin or trombone, develop wild rhythms or produce their own hip-hop track with a famous producer.

Please note: The »Brass Day«, »BeatObsession« and »String Day« holiday programmes have been cancelled due to the current situation.


For children aged 10+ and teenagers : CANCELLED: Kreativ BeatObsession

The »BeatObsession« holiday programme has been cancelled due to the current situation.


For children ages 6–12 : CANCELLED: Klassiko String Day

The Klassiko String Day holiday programme has been cancelled due to the current situation.

Klassiko Brass Day

For children ages 6–12 : Cancelled: Klassiko Brass Day

The Brass Day holiday programme has been cancelled due to the current situation.