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Ibrahim Maalouf – A Portrait

Music that knows no borders: the French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf.

Gerald Clayton - A Portrait

One step back, but looking forwards: The pianist joins the generations and styles between the groove of nu jazz and classically-inspired chamber music.

Elbphilharmonie Jazz Academy

Learning from the big names of the jazz scene – the Elbphilharmonie Jazz Academy makes it possible. A look back.

NDR Bigband / Geir Lysne
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Video on demand from 5 Dec 2022 : NDR Bigband / Geir Lysne

Sharpening the focus, blurring it, mixing: In »Chromatic Aberration« the NDR Bigband transfers phenomena from the world of optics to music. An adventurous musical experiment.

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: Elbphilharmonie Sessions: Chief Xian aTunde Adjuah (Christian Scott)

The charismatic New Orleans trumpeter plays a session on the Elbphilharmonie Plaza.

Theo Croker
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Video on demand from 26 Oct 2022 : Theo Croker

A few months after its release, the trumpeter presents his celebrated new album Love Quantum in the Recital Hall of the Elbphilharmonie.

Black to the Future: Afrofuturism

More than science fiction: About the aesthetic tradition of Afrofuturism and its school of thought.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Richard Thompson

One man's life between two book covers: legendary guitarist Richard Thompson talks about his autobiography, which has just been published, and about memories and companions.

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: Elbphilharmonie Sessions: Jason Moran

The jazz pianist performs three of his own compositions in the foyer of the Grand Hall.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Pablo Held

The pianist talks about letting go, the idols of his youth, and why you don’t need to understand music to enjoy it.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: Laura Jurd

»That’s where the real fun begins« – the young trumpet player Laura Jurd talks about improvising in a group, about the power of the forest and her love of jazz.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Silvan Strauß

Drummer Silvan Strauß talks about the appeal of Hamburg, his Allgäu dialect and the addictive potential of his profession.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: Silvan Strauß

»Music has a lot to do with dreams« – Hamburg drummer Silvan Strauß talks about how he found his way on to the stage, and about the special power that music has.

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: Elbphilharmonie Sessions: John Scofield

Throughout his life, John Scofield has performed with bands. At the Elbphilharmonie, the legendary jazz guitarist plays one of his rare solo sets.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Branford Marsalis

The legendary saxophonist and composer talks about egoism in modern jazz and about his time with Sting.

Reflektor John Zorn

A look back at the festival in pictures and comments.

John Zorn and the downtown scene

Radical, eccentric, experimental: the fascinating artists’ scene of downtown New York.

»John Zorn turned my world upside down«

The musicians who appear at the »Reflektor John Zorn« talk about their collaboration with this exceptional artist and their love for his music.


Supergroup from New York: enjoy a highlight of the jazz season in a live stream from the Grand Hall. Available until 1 June 2022.