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Elbphilharmonie Talk with Sir András Schiff

On the road with a mahogany grand piano: the legendary pianist talks about the virtues of old instruments, fostering young talent, and his great love of Florence.

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #29 – Orchestra on air

Der Podcast für junge Leute – diesmal mit frischem Wind für die Elphi.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Nahre Sol

Pianist, composer and YouTube icon Nahre Sol in conversation about her musical roots, her work-life balance and her residency at the Elbphilharmonie.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Júlio Resende

The Portuguese jazz pianist talks about the Carnation Revolution, his role models and the distinct jazz of his homeland.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Anna Prohaska

The successful soprano in conversation about the spectacular production of »Saint François d'Assise« in the Grand Hall, death metal and singing in flight (German only).

ByteFM Podcast: Internationales Musikfest Hamburg 2024

Ein Saisonfinale mit großen Namen und wichtigen Themen: ByteFM-Moderator Leif Gütschow führt durch das diesjährige Musikfest unter dem Motto »Krieg und Frieden«

Leif Gütschow from ByteFM and Elbphilharmonie colleague Tom R. Schulz talk about André Heller and his very special »Week of Amazement« on the Elbe.

Leif Gütschow from ByteFM and Elbphilharmonie colleague Tom R. Schulz talk about André Heller and his very special »Week of Amazement« on the Elbe.


The podcast for young people – this time all about equal rights for boys and girls.


The podcast for young people – this time: What’s going wrong and what do we want to change?

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Pierre-Laurent Aimard

The pianist Pierre-Laurent Aimard on the spirit of music and his role in that.

ByteFM podcast with TOYTOY and Monako

The Elbphilharmonie series »Made in Hamburg« 2023/24: Leif Gütschow from ByteFM in conversation with musicians from the Hamburg bands TOYTOY and Monako.

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #25 – Welcome Home

The podcast for young people. This episode poses the question: what is home?

Elbphilharmonie Talk mit dem Elphier-Quartett

Aus Spaß an der Freude: Vier Musiker:innen des NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchesters machen auf hohem Niveau Kammermusik miteinander, frei von jedem Stress.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Julia Hagen

Cellist Julia Hagen talks about her love of Johannes Brahms, her special relationship with the music of Sofia Gubaidulina - and about the most intense concert of her career so far.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with the Ukrainian Freedom Orchestra

Before their second orchestra tour, conductor Keri-Lynn Wilson and violinist Anna Bura testify to Ukrainian culture’s unbroken will to live.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with the Aurora Orchestra

This orchestra plays colossal works of music by heart – and the audience can often hardly believe their eyes. Chief conductor Nicholas Collon and members of the Aurora Orchestra in conversation.

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #24 – How does a concert work?

The podcast for young people. This time: what exactly is a concert? (German only).

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #23 – Already dancig?

The podcast for young people. This time: what role does music play in dancing? (German only).

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Sir John Eliot Gardiner

Organic farmer and Bach expert: the conductor on his personal story with the Mass in B Minor and his second job as a successful organic farmer.

ByteFM Podcast Internationales Musikfest Hamburg 2023

»Die Liebe ist wahrscheinlich das größte Gefühl, das Menschen entwickeln können.« – Moderator Leif Gütschow spricht mit Barbara Lebitsch & Anke Fischer von der Elbphilharmonie über das Musikfest 2023.