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Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #23 – Tanzt du schon?

Der Podcast für junge Leute – diesmal: welche Rolle Musik beim Tanzen spielt.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Sir John Eliot Gardiner

Organic farmer and Bach expert: the conductor on his personal story with the Mass in B Minor and his second job as a successful organic farmer.

ByteFM Podcast mit Angélique Kidjo

»Die Diversität der Menschen anzuerkennen macht uns stark, nicht schwach!« – Leif Gütschow von ByteFM im Gespräch mit der Sängerin aus Benin.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Leila Josefowicz

The violinist's heart beats for contemporary music. In this podcast she talks about her longstanding friend, the composer John Adams, and the piece that he recently wrote for her.

ByteFM Podcast // Elbphilharmonie Mixtape

Elbphilharmonie series »Made in Hamburg«: Leif Grütschow of ByteFM talks to Leyla Yenirce (Rosaceae) and Michael Schmid (Erregung Öffentlicher Erregung).

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Dieter Ammann

The composer talks about the artistic process, about friendship and the nature of music.

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #22 – What's cool?

The podcast for young people welcomes the band »Make A Move« and asks the question: What's cool?

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Jess Gillam

The young saxophonist talks about her life as a musician, her projects and why it's important to pause for a moment and take one's time over things.

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #21 – Together is better

The podcast for young people – this time on being alone and being together.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Paavo Järvi

Järvi talks about his tearful beginnings as a student and explains why half of all conductors can’t actually conduct.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Wayne Marshall

Organist Wayne Marshall talks about his very first chord on a church organ and his fondness for Earth, Wind and Fire, Stevie Wonder and the music of Austrian Franz Schmidt.

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #20 – Ommm

The podcast for young people. In this episode we ask: What does inner peace feel like?

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Yuri Andruchovich

»A novel with a sound«: The Ukrainian writer talks about his book »Radio Nacht« and the music of the 60s and 70s.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Jan Müller & Rasmus Engler

Punk and prose: The Hamburg musicians talk about the spirit of the nineties and their novel »Vorglühen«.

Elbphilharmonie Offstage #10 – Artists of the future

What role do artists play in the social media? We talked about this question with the Spanish pianist Juan Pérez Floristán.

Elbphilharmonie Talk mit Wolf Biermann

Im Podcast spricht der Liedermacher über sein bewegtes Leben und seine innige Beziehung zu Heinrich Heine – mit dem er manchmal sogar persönliche Gespräche führt.

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: NDR Podcast: About Music

About flying conductor's batons, rehearsals and why presenting the news is like driving a car: a video podcast with conductor Alan Gilbert and newsreader Michail Paweletz (in English).

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Chi-Chi Nwanoku

She founded the first orchestra consisting largely of Black musicians: Chi-Chi Nwanoku talks about changes in people’s thinking and a crucial experience that made her see things differently.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Achim Reichel

A Hamburg legend: Achim Reichel discusses his unique career and his love of ballads.

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Richard Thompson

One man's life between two book covers: legendary guitarist Richard Thompson talks about his autobiography, which has just been published, and about memories and companions.