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Elbphilharmonie Talk with Nahre Sol

Pianist, composer and YouTube icon Nahre Sol in conversation about her musical roots, her work-life balance and her residency at the Elbphilharmonie.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: LiLa

Creating balance: the young cellist LiLa talks about nature having a special place in her heart and what it has in common with music.

Interview mit Patrizia Bovi

»Mittelalter-Musik wie eine Rockband spielen« – die italienische Musikerin Patrizia Bovi über ihre Beschäftigung mit jahrhundertealter Musik.

Interview with Vladimir Jurowski

»There can be no justification for such barbarism«: the revered conductor opens up about his native Russia, the war in Ukraine, and artistic responsibility.


One question, seven answers: »How has the war in your homeland affected your art?«

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: André Heller on his »Reflektor« festival

»I want to share what I love with others«: the outstanding Austrian artist is curating a week of amazement at the Elbphilharmonie.

Tube Talks

A ride on Europe’s longest escalator takes two and a half minutes – enough time to have a little chat with our celebrity guests.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: Randall Goosby

»Access to music education can change lives« – the young violinist talks about his career, the unique power of music and finding the right balance in life.

5 Questions for Hatis Noit

Hatis Noit spielt in ihrer Musik mit den unendlichen Facetten weiblichen Gesangs. Ihr einmaliger Sound ist im Januar im Kaistudio zu hören.

Interview with Jakub Hrůša

The Brno-born conductor talks about his Czech heritage, the inexplicable Bohemian sound and the art of letting go.

»The entire horizon before your eyes«

Conductor François-Xavier Roth talks about intellectual challenges, fresh looks at music and flying batons.