Mediatheque Stories tagged #Backstage

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: Presenting: The technical team

They are responsible for ensuring that the lighting and sound are as they should be, and that the stagecraft is working: luckily, the technical team is always on hand.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: Lucie Horsch

As a person and a musician – the recorder player Lucie Horsch on creativity and developing an individual voice.

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: Introducing: Artistic Planning

Planning, organising and overseeing concerts – the Artistic Planning team is the heart of the concert hall.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: Sarathy Korwar

Improvisation and immigration – the London percussionist on cultural identity and dissolving boundaries in music.

A place for everyone

The Elbphilharmonie wants to be more than just a world-class concert hall – above all, it wants to be a place for everyone. How does that work in practice?

Stories and Secrets of the Elbphilharmonie

Joachim Mischke's new book takes a look at the Elbphilharmonie's backstage area. One chapter gives us a foretaste: the artists' dressing rooms - »the most sensitive cells in the entire building«.

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: Introducing: the front-of-house staff

Friends and helpers in shirts and tails: the Elbphilharmonie’s front-of-house staff introduces itself.

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: Introducing: Technical Services and Logistics

In the right place at the right time – nothing would work in the Elbphilharmonie without the »Technical Services and Logistics« team.

Useless knowledge from the Elbphilharmonie

10 facts to show off with: things you don't need to know, but you make a note of them anyway.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: Dino Brandão

Music and the art of living – the Swiss singer on his path to music and on what really matters in life.

Virtual Tours

The architecture of the Elbphilharmonie and the Laeiszhalle in short videos – entertainingly explained by our Elbphilharmonie guides.

»I respond to what I hear.«

Some background to »A House of Call. My Imaginary Notebook« by Heiner Goebbels.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: Roderick Cox

For a universal right to music – The American conductor talks about the personal and social importance of music.

The Stream Team

The Elbphilharmonie is regularly transformed into a digital concert hall. Meet the team!

Classical Futures Europe

An EU project makes young musical talents fit for the international classical-music sector – with unusual methods.

Elbphilharmonie Innerview: vision string quartet

Desires, visions, ideas: the successful string quartet on the importance and future of the concert world.

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: »Home visits – Friends meet friends« in the Laeiszhalle

General & Artistic Director Christoph Lieben-Seutter and Kristina Sassenscheidt, secretary of the Society for the Protection of Historic Monuments, show us special places of the Laeiszhalle.

Elbphilharmonie Innerviews: Vanessa Porter

The percussionist on a journey to the heart of the Elbphilharmonie and inward towards herself.

Elbphilharmonie Organ: The Pipe Cleaners

How do you get the dust off 4,765 pipes? Watch the videos to find out how the Elbphilharmonie organ is cleaned.