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Elbphilharmonie Explains: The Jazz Trumpet

The Hamburg trumpeter Philipp Püschel on the history and versatile sound of the trumpet in jazz.

The trumpet is a key instrument in jazz – from the early days with American marching bands in New Orleans, to legends such as Louis Armstrong and Miles Davis, and contemporary global stars such as Avishai Cohen. You can’t write jazz history without mentioning these amazing and innovative trumpeters. But what is the difference between a classical trumpet and a jazz trumpet? To what extent can you change the sound of a trumpet in jazz, and can you do that electronically? The Hamburg jazz trumpeter and »Rocket Men« frontman Philipp Püschel explains everything you need to know about the versatile brass instrument – with musical demonstrations, of course. Who’d have thought that a trumpet could drone like an electric bass or soar like a delicate female voice?



In the 2021/22 season, the Elbphilharmonie is dedicating a very special spotlight to the jazz trumpet – with five stylistically very different band leaders.

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Avishai Cohen
Avishai Cohen © Ziv Ravitz

Live from the Elbphilharmonie: the Israeli jazz trumpeter Avishai Cohen with his exuberant quintet Big Vicious.

Elbphilharmonie Sessions: Avishai Cohen & Yonathan Avishai

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