Elbphilharmonie Explains: Sufism

The Berlin expert Sinem Kılıç on this fascinating branch of Islam, its history and traditions.

»What is Sufism? – Finding joy in the heart when times of sorrow come.«

Rūmī, 13th-century Persian poet

When they hear the word »Sufism«, many people immediately think of the famous ritual of the whirling dervishes. But the spiritual and mystical branch of Islam includes a variety of traditions and a broad spectrum of fascinating musical styles. The Berlin philosopher, journalist and musician Sinem Kılıç explains the background and rituals of the centuries-old spiritual tradition.

By the way: If you want to learn more about the instrument mentioned in the film, the Nay, you can watch this video about it.

Sufi Festival :24 – 27 Nov 2022

Between ecstasy and asceticism: with dancing dervishes, Persian love songs and classical music from Afghanistan, the Elbphilharmonie paints a fascinating portrait of Sufism, from Pakistan to Morocco.

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