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: Presenting: The technical team

They are responsible for ensuring that the lighting and sound are as they should be, and that the stagecraft is working: luckily, the technical team is always on hand.

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #17 – Schools Make Music

The podcast for young people – this time: what it’s like to perform with your own school band at the Elbphilharmonie.

René Jacobs: The Wolf’s Glen whisperer

Period performance guru René Jacobs has gently blown the cobwebs off the Romantic opera »Der Freischütz«, returning it to an ideal state that never existed in that form.

Elbphilharmonie Talk mit Branford Marsalis

Der legendäre Saxofonist und Komponist über Egoismus im Modern Jazz und seine Zeit mit Sting.

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Video on demand from 26 Mar 2022 : Aynur

She is the icon of Kurdish music: Aynur sings songs about identity, love and loss in the Elbphilharmonie.

Music inspired by nature

»There's nothing more musical than a sunset« – The 2022 Hamburg International Music Festival takes an extensive stroll through nature.

Seven shades of Sibelius with Klaus Mäkelä

»Then the music flows automatically« – the Finnish star conductor talks about his Sibelius cycle and what he loves so much about this music.

Revolt in the silence: An interview with Mark Andre

The composer Mark Andre talks about disappearing music, spatial sound and his evening-long work »rwh 1-4«.

Elbphilharmonie Offstage #08 – The Concert of the Future

Will the concerts of tomorrow take place in virtual reality? Pauline and Julian discuss this question with Joosten Ellée, the young director of PODIUM Festival Esslingen.

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: Elbphilharmonie Sessions: Jason Moran

The jazz pianist performs three of his own compositions in the foyer of the Grand Hall.

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: Stand with Ukraine!

A signal of solidarity from all of Europe’s major concert halls.

Studio Drift: Amazement at the natural world

The works of the artist duo invite us to immerse ourselves in the wondrous world of nature.

Anniversary Concert: 5 Years of Elbphilharmonie
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Video on demand from 11 Jan 2022 : Anniversary Concert: 5 Years of Elbphilharmonie

Happy Birthday, Elbphilharmonie! – The 5th-anniversary concert live from the Grand Hall.

Drift: Spectacular light installations in Hamburg

To mark the Elbphilharmonie’s fifth anniversary, the Dutch designer duo brings breathtaking light sculptures to the city on the Elbe.

Reflektor John Zorn

A look back at the festival in pictures and comments.

John Zorn and the downtown scene

Radical, eccentric, experimental: the fascinating artists’ scene of downtown New York.

»John Zorn turned my world upside down«

The musicians who appear at the »Reflektor John Zorn« talk about their collaboration with this exceptional artist and their love for his music.

Keyword »Nature« – the playlist

The playlist for the theme »Nature« – from the Elbphilharmonie music lexicon.

5 questions to Christina Pluhar

The Austrian lutenist talks about her fascination with Early Music and how she manages to make it sound thoroughly modern.

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #16 – Music of the Future

The podcast for young people – this time in a very personal conversation with recorder player Lucie Horsch.