Mediatheque Stories tagged #ContemporaryMusic

Alexander Arai-Swale plays »Fury«

A young musician, a double bass, a warehouse and music that is about – everything.

Thomas Adès: All-rounder with depth

The English composer wants to »speak directly to the audience«. And he pulls it off.

György Kurtág: Every note in the right place

Late fame through polished and radically reduced music: About the composer György Kurtág.

Arvo Pärt in Portrait

The composer was the focus of the »Lux aeterna« festival opening.

Elbphilharmonie Sessions: William Youn
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Video on demand from 24 Apr 2020 : Elbphilharmonie Sessions: William Youn

The South Korean pianist plays Philipp Maintz’s »Étude No. 3«.

CD recordings from the Elbphilharmonie

These are the albums recorded in the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall so far.

Unsuk Chin: Graphic Dreams

Wit and truth, playfulness and sensuousness rub shoulders in Unsuk Chin’s music.

Elbphilharmonie Sessions: Kim Kashkashian
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Video on demand from 14 Feb 2020 : Elbphilharmonie Sessions: Kim Kashkashian

Kim Kashkashian performs »In Memoriam Blum Tamás« by György Kurtág.

Alan Gilbert and Frank Peter Zimmermann

The New Viennese School with Anton Webern and Alban Berg meets its great predecessor, Johannes Brahms. Available until 2 March 2021.

Looking for What You Don't Know

Manfred Eicher has changed the world of music with his ECM label.

Reflektor Manfred Eicher: The Artists

The legendary head of ECM records brings hand-picked artists to the Elbphilharmonie.

Elbphilharmonie Sessions: Eva Reiter & Ictus Ensemble
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Video on demand from 24 Jan 2020 : Elbphilharmonie Sessions: Eva Reiter & Ictus Ensemble

»Darker than Black«: An Ode to Melancholy with Works by Thomas Hume and Burkhard Stangl.

Organ to the Limit: The Sorabji Project

Kevin Bowyer conquers a monstor of organ music: the eight-hour Organ Symphony by composer Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji.

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: Peter Eötvös: Multiversum

How the cosmic work for the Elbphilharmonie came to be written. In the video: the composer, organist Iveta Apkalna and the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra.

Not of this World: Stockhausen's Opera Cycle »Licht«

A big hit of innovation – the longest-running opera cycle in the history of music

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: Arvo Pärt live

Simple, mystical, powerful: A moving concert with music by Arvo Pärt – and himself.