Yulia Mahr & Max Richter

Reflektor Max Richter & Yulia Mahr

Magicians on the camera, the piano and the synthesizers: Max Richter and Yulia Mahr determined the Elbphilharmonie programme for four days.

Max Richter is a phenomenon: his art electrifies classical-music lovers and pop fans in equal measure, it works just as well on the synthesizer as for a symphony orchestra, and it evolves its magnetic effect in clubs, concert halls and not least on the cinema screen. As a composer, pianist and producer, Richter has developed an individual style that easily overcomes the usual genre boundaries. The British musician, who was born in the North German town of Hamelin, and his artistic and personal partner Yulia Mahr put together a multifarious programme for their »Reflektor« festival from 7 to 10 October 2021, an event that turned the entire concert hall into a playing field for their well-known guests.

Reflektor Max Richter & Yulia Mahr

The »Reflektor« series gives selected artists the symbolic key to the Elbphilharmonie. In other words, they get to choose the programme!

Aftermovie »Reflektor Max Richter & Yulia Mahr«

»We want to give artists a platform that's bigger than the one that some of them usually have. We want to place things in the limelight that people don't necessarily know; to tell stories that lie hidden beneath the surface of what gets discussed in the papers or gets clicked on in the internet.«

Yulia Mahr

Livestream »Sleep« Livestream »Sleep« © Daniel Dittus
Max Richter »Sleep« Max Richter »Sleep« © Daniel Dittus
»Voices« »Voices« © Daniel Dittus
Birgit Minichmayr in »Voices« Birgit Minichmayr in »Voices«
Jason Moran Jason Moran © Daniel Dittus
Christian McBride Christian McBride © Daniel Dittus
Pamela Z Pamela Z © Daniel Dittus
Interview mit Max Richter Interview mit Max Richter © Daniel Dittus
Installation von Yulia Mahr Installation von Yulia Mahr © Daniel Dittus
Installation von Yulia Mahr Installation von Yulia Mahr © Daniel Dittus
Sarah Davachi Sarah Davachi © Daniel Dittus
Jlin Jlin © Daniel Dittus
Daniel Brandt Daniel Brandt © Daniel Dittus
Daniel Brandt Trio Daniel Brandt Trio © Daniel Dittus
Kevin Edusei und das Ensemble Resonanz Kevin Edusei und das Ensemble Resonanz © Daniel Dittus

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