NDR Podcast: About Music

About flying conductor's batons, rehearsals and why presenting the news is like driving a car: a video podcast with conductor Alan Gilbert and newsreader Michail Paweletz (in English).

Alan Gilbert and Michail Paweletz: the former is a conductor, the latter a newsreader. Two completely different worlds. What connects them is their love of classical music and their instrument, the violin. Alan Gilbert, chief conductor of the NDR Elbphilharmonie Orchestra, says: »It soon became clear to me that I wouldn't make it to the top as a violinist. I had the feeling that conducting was better suited to my temperament and my abilities.« As for Michail Paweletz, as a newscaster he doesn't have much to do with music any more, but he still takes out his violin several times a week. »I love practising scales,« he says. »It's like meditating.«

In the NDR podcast »about music«, the two men talk about the fascination that classical music holds for them, discuss important social questions and swap notes about what this all has to do with them personally.


»The best interviews for me are not interviews at all, but enriching conversations that awaken my interest.«

Michail Paweletz


The Episodes

What is the meaning of music, of the issue of racism in Gershwin's opera »Porgy & Bess« and Mahler's »Resurrection« Symphony? A podcast about classical music: Alan Gilbert and Michail Paweletz talk about their shared passion and about social issues.

#1: Introduction

Alan Gilbert und Michail Paweletz
Alan Gilbert und Michail Paweletz © NDR

In the first instalment, chief conductor Alan Gilbert and newscaster Michail Paweletz can be heard from a very personal side. They share anecdotes from the orchestral world, about the art of newsreading and about personal decisions.

#2: Porgy and Bess

Alan Gilbert und Michail Paweletz
Alan Gilbert und Michail Paweletz © NDR

Material for discussion, or the dissemination of racist stereotypes? Why Gershwin's Oper »Porgy & Bess« needs to be seen in context: this is what Alan Gilbert and Michail Paweletz talk about in the second instalment of »about music«.

#3: Mahler's Second

Gustav Mahler's Second Symphony is electrifying, impressive and dramatic. »It's like sticking your finger in an electrical socket, and suddenly your hair is standing on end« is how Alan Gilbert describes the opening of the so-called »Resurrection« Symphony.

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