Nahre Sol und Rebecca Saunders
Video on demand from 3 Feb 2023

Live-Talk »Visions«: Nahre Sol in conversation with Rebecca Saunders

As part of the new music festival »Elbphilharmonie Visions«, the young artist and Youtube icon talks to the British composer about composing in the 21st century.

What is the secret of new music? When do we perceive music as »contemporary«? And how exactly does a composer work in the 21st century? Following the Visions concert on February 3, the internationally renowned pianist and YouTuber Nahre Sol will talk about these questions with Rebecca Saunders, whose work »to an utterance« was heard in the Grand Hall.

After studying piano at the renowned Juilliard School in New York, Nahre Sol decided to start a YouTube channel instead of pursuing a career as a soloist. Yes, that’s right: more than half a million subscribers watch the U.S. American explain playing techniques, explore various musical genres, and scrutinize the art of conducting. On the side, the multi-talent composes song cycles, piano music – and soundtracks for movies and Netflix series. During »Elbphilharmonie Visions«, she and her community plunge into the adventure of contemporary music.

Creator in Residence

In der Saison 2023/24 ist Nahre Sol Creator in Residence bei der Elbphilharmonie. Für ihre über 600.000 Abonennt:innen begleitet sie die Saison mit zahlreichen Videos auf ihrer eigenen Plattform und den verschiedenen digitalen Kanälen der Elbphilharmonie.

Rebecca Saunders Rebecca Saunders © Astrid Ackermann
Nahre Sol Nahre Sol

If you want to know more about Rebecca Saunders, you can read an interview with her here.

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