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»Journey to a New World«

What do foreign parts sound like? A staged childrens' concert with Dvořák's American String Quartet. For children aged 8 and over.

When war breaks out in Antonia's country, she has to say goodbye to her friend the goose and emigrate. A journey into the unknown begins, taking her via Hamburg Central Station and wild blue Atlantic storms to the land of grooves and freedom. Luckily for her, someone helps her find her way through the foreign jungle.

The tale of Antonia's journey is told without words by the music itself: with the sounds of moo cans, chickens, ship's horns, Vivaldi and Dvořák's »American String Quartet«. The sounds and compositions, specially created for this concert, produce a musical journey for children aged eight and upwards, and their families.

Funkelkonzert: Reise in eine neue Welt
Funkelkonzert: Reise in eine neue Welt

Continue the Concert Experience

Did you enjoy the concert? If so, take a look behind the scenes of »Journey to a New World«!

The Artists

Ensemble Resonanz
David-Maria Gramse Remix und Live-Elektronik
Gregor Dierck Violine
Swantje Tessmann Violine
Justin Caulley Viola
Saskia Ogilvie Violoncello

Katrin Bethge Lichtpoesie, Projektionen
Maj-Lene Tylkowski Assistenz Projektionen
Dan Tanson Regie, Konzeption
Elisa Erkelenz Idee, Konzeption
Jana Schweer Regieassistenz
Anne-Marie Herckes Kostüm
Ricarda Köneke Lichtdesign
Esther Adrian Produktionsleitung

»Reise in eine neue Welt« in the Elbphilharmonie

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