Jazzrausch Bigband
Video on demand from 26 Aug 2022
available until 18 Feb 2023

Jazzrausch Bigband

Blending jazz with house and techno: the Munich-based big band is getting ready to raise the roof of the Elbphilharmonie.

They are probably the only big band to have a residency in a techno club: Jazzrausch bigband plays regularly at Harry Klein in Munich. The 20-strong band is all about musical rapture, getting hundreds of people dancing in the club to their ecstasy-inducing live sets. But does combining jazz and techno even work? You bet it does! With a blend of powerful brass passages and the groove of techno, hip-hop and soul, they produce an electrifying sound that gets rave reviews from even the most die-hard jazz fans.

»We jazz musicians need to find our way back to the present«

Roman Sladek, trombonist and bandleader

Live in der Elbphilharmonie

Party-Stimmung bei einem Jazz-Konzert? Die Münchner Jazzrausch Bigband macht es möglich.

The »Elbphilharmonie Summer« is supported by Porsche.


Jazzrausch Bigband



Roman Sladik
Roman Sladik © Steffi Rettinger

Bandleader Roman Sladek explains more about the idea behind the jazz band in an interview with SWR2 Journal.

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