Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer, Folge 12: Die Mitmach-Orchester der Elbphilharmonie

Elbphilharmonie Kopfhörer #12 – The join-in orchestras

The Elbphilharmonie podcast for young people aged 8 and upwards.

Please note: This podcast is only available in German.

Making of

Cäcilia Cäcilia © Julian Conrad
Charlotte Charlotte © Julian Conrad
Lutz und Cäcilia Lutz und Cäcilia © Julian Conrad
Charlotte Charlotte © Julian Conrad
Anne und Lutz Anne und Lutz © Julian Conrad
Elbphilharmonie Familienorchester Elbphilharmonie Familienorchester © Claudia Höhne
Elbphilharmonie Publikumsorchester Elbphilharmonie Publikumsorchester © Daniel Dittus

Elbphilharmonie »Kopfhörer«

How do you produce a jingle? Can music make us laugh? And what does the director of a concert hall actually do? Once a month, the Elbphilharmonie podcast »Kopfhörer« explores these and many other question. Presenter Anne invites inquisitive young people from Hamburg and the surrounding area to get to know the concert hall – and to disclose secrets from the world of music. There are interesting guests, quizzes to take part in and lots of fun to be had! Listen now on Spotify and other podcast portals!

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