Jewish Music Night

Brooklyn Cantors / Voices of Yemen / Piyut Ensemble – Reflektor André Heller

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Voices of Yemen
Voices of Yemen © Zohar Ron
Piyut Ensemble
Piyut Ensemble © Amir Bilu
Brooklyn Cantors
Brooklyn Cantors

Kaleidoscope of Jewish singing traditions

Sacral and spiritual music is the focus of this three-part evening that brings together Jewish singing traditions from several continents. The Piyut Ensemble takes its name from a form of religious Jewish poetry. Synagogue songs and music from North Africa and the Middle East are the sources of inspiration for its spiritual and artistic work, which is deeply rooted in the Jewish faith and Jewish ceremonies.

The band Yemen Blues received unanimous acclaim from the audience here back in the Elbphilharmonie’s opening year. Almost seven years later, their singer Ravid Kahalani returns to Hamburg with his equally exciting ensemble Voices of Yemen. Jewish-Yemeni songs intoned with an amazing rawness to the accompaniment of an electric guitar, percussion and the relentlessly pulsating bass of Shanir Blumenkranz promise once more to lead the Hamburg audience to a state of trance, joy and ecstasy.

For a number of years now, young Hassidic singers in Brooklyn have been intensively searching together for the synagogue songs of their ancestors. Sound recordings from the pre-war era provide valuable points of reference for producing historically accurate yet individual interpretations. The strong, beautiful singing exudes an uplifting joy and optimism, which probably gave their ancestors strength and solace as they experienced persecution, expulsion and flight, and were forced to start new lives in foreign countries. The Brooklyn Cantors’ programme also includes a song by Yossele Rosenblatt, who worked in Hamburg from 1906 until 1912, before he made it big in the USA. Rosenblatt is still regarded as one of the greatest cantors of all time. This video gives a taste of the Brooklyn Cantors’ impressive singing.

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