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Funkelkonzert L: The sun, the moon and strings

Music for the inquisitive! A staged children's concert for children aged 6 and upwards.

How about a little trip? Five members of Ensemble Resonanz take off on an expedition together. They don't need a suitcase or food and drink, just their imagination! There is actually much more music to be found in everyday objects than you would think. Whether it's a biscuit tin, a raincoat, a wine glass, a cardboard box or even the oak panels on the walls of the Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall – the five musicians coax music from them all. And of course they've got their stringed instruments with them as well.

The story they tell doesn't need any words at all. Listening to and watching them produce the sounds, you'll find all kinds of pictures coming to mind: birds twittering in the midst of nature, for example, or a sea monster hiding beneath the waves. This theatre spectacle is full of thrills and humour – for children aged 6 and upwards and their families.

None © Peter Hundert
None © Daniel Dittus
None © Daniel Dittus
None © Daniel Dittus
None © Daniel Dittus


Super instruments can be built from normal everyday objects that you can find in every household. Check out the programme for a few ideas!


Ensemble Resonanz

Gregor Dierck violin

Tom Glöckner violin

David Schlage viola

Pirkko Langer violoncello

Benedict Ziervogel double bass

Carola Bauckholt composition, concept

Anselm Dalferth director

Lisa Busse stage

Kevin Sock lights

Credits: © Copyright 2017 by Henry Litolff’s Verlag

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