Elbphilharmonie Talk with Sō Percussion

They are inquisitive and open-minded: the members of the group Sō Percussion about their creative exchange with composers from all over the world.

»The players seem to possess telepathic powers,« the New York Times said  in amazement about the interaction of the four musicians of Sō Percussion. Founded as a student ensemble in 1999, the quartet has redefined chamber music for percussion instruments in the last 20 years. The group appears at the world’s top concert venues and has launched many exciting cooperations ranging from classical music through pop and indie rock to contemporary dance and theatre.

At their first visit to Hamburg in May 2022, Sō Percussion took part in the performance of John Luther Adams’s large-scale open-air piece »Inuksuit« in Planten un Blomen park, and also put on a programme of chamber music in the Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall. At the latter event, the four of them played music by Angelica Negron and The National guitarist Bryce Dessner, partly with new instruments and unusual playing techniques. And they also presented the album »Let the Soil Play Its Simple Part«, on which they join forces with the acclaimed composer and singer Caroline Shaw.

Caroline Shaw im Portrait

The singer, violinist and composer Caroline Shaw is in search of something new, somewhere off the beaten track.

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Caroline Shaw & Sō Percussion :17 Mai 2022 | Elbphilharmonie Recital Hall

Sō Percussion Sō Percussion © Daniel Dittus
Sō Percussion Sō Percussion © Daniel Dittus
Caroline Shaw / Sō Percussion Caroline Shaw / Sō Percussion © Daniel Dittus
Sō Percussion Sō Percussion © Daniel Dittus

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