Rasmus Engler & Jan Müller

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Jan Müller & Rasmus Engler

Punk and prose: The Hamburg musicians talk about the spirit of the nineties and their novel »Vorglühen«.

Tocotronic, Herrenmagazin, das Bierbeben: all bands set up by Hamburg musicians Jan Müller and Rasmus Engler. The bass player and the percussionist are true originals of the local indie, rock and punk scene, and have been friends for decades. Now they have written a book together: »Vorglühen« (the title translates as »Pre-Drinking«) is an anarchistic coming-of-age novel about the nineties, freedom and the meaning of life. In their Elbphilharmonie Talk the two of them chat about the appeal of writing together, the charm of Sankt Pauli and a special guitar called »Herr im Frack« (Man in Tails).

If you're interested in hearing Müller and Engler live, you have the chance on 10 September 2022, when they appear at the Elbphilharmonie literature festival »Harbour Front Sounds«.

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