Vanessa Porter

Elbphilharmonie Innerviews: Vanessa Porter

The percussionist on a journey to the heart of the Elbphilharmonie and inward towards herself.

The series: Innerviews

Inwards – in the Elbphilharmonie »Innerviews«, artists explore the Elbphilharmonie in their own unique ways, letting their thoughts run free. That results in special insights into the spaces of the concert hall and a rare opportunity to get to know the artists personally beyond the stage.

»When music and culture disappear, I no longer feel completely whole,« explains the successful percussionist Vanessa Porter. In the Innerview, the musician from Baden-Württemberg talks about what music means to her and how she has been drawing strength from that during the coronavirus crisis.  

The Elbphilharmonie’s »Innerviews« series is supported by our Principal Sponsor Julius Bär.

Writing the music history of our times :Vanessa Porter in Innerview

Vanessa Porter sees concert halls and creative artists as having a special responsibility to write the music history of our times. »I’m delighted to be involved in this period,« she explains, talking about her great interest in contemporary music.

And the Elbphilharmonie in one word? »Confidence« – that’s what she feels when she’s in the Elbphilharmonie. »It’s a breathtaking feeling that gives me new energy for the future.«

Vanessa Porter Vanessa Porter © Elbphilharmonie Innerview

»The way I see it, music is about highlighting – and feeling – individual moments.«

Vanessa Porter

The Allrounder

»One of our most important tasks today is to avoid standing in the way of the music and its development, and instead to support it and follow it where it goes.«

Vanessa Porter

Vanessa Porter is one of the world’s most versatile percussionists and is in great demand for a wide variety of projects. There is good reason why she is known for unique and intensive concert experiences: as a soloist, she succeeds in combining contemporary works with extraordinary improvisation, electronics and performing art. She regularly works with notable composers such as Georges Aperghis and Zeynep Gedizlioglu.

Vanessa Porter
Vanessa Porter © Christopher Bühler

As part of the »Rising Stars« Festival at the Elbphilharmonie in January 2021, the multi-award-winning artist used bells, a vibraphone and body percussion to create mesmerising sound landscapes blending tender beauty and eruptive force.

Vanessa Porter Vanessa Porter © Elbphilharmonie Innerview
Vanessa Porter Vanessa Porter © Elbphilharmonie Innerview
Vanessa Porter Vanessa Porter © Elbphilharmonie Innerview

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