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She is the icon of Kurdish music: Aynur sings songs about identity, love and loss in the Elbphilharmonie.

Singer Aynur is deeply rooted in the Alevite  tradition, a religious persuasion marked by mysticism and liberal thinking in which the oral handing down of music plays a special role. Aynur has dedicated herself to preserving this tradition. At the same time, she extends the Kudish heritage by adding new, Western elements.

»To hear Aynur’s voice is to hear the transformation of all the layers of human joy and suffering into one sound. It reaches so deep into our soul, tears into our hearts, and then we are for one moment, joined as one. It is unforgettable!«

Yo-Yo Ma

die kurdische Sängerin Aynur
Kurdish singer Aynur © Claudia Höhne


Aynur vocals

Caner Malkoç clarinet
Coşkun Karademir tembûr
Xavi Torres piano
Jeroen Vierdag bass
Ediz Hafızoğlu drums



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