Reflektor John Zorn

Musician, composer, free spirit – in March, John Zorn and close musical companions present his multifaceted work, from jazz to noise

Festival passes are no longer available
Tickets for individual festival concerts occasionally available
Festival passes are no longer available
Tickets for individual festival concerts occasionally available
John Zorn
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John Zorn is nothing short of a creative powerhouse. In an unceasing stream of creativity, music just pours out of him in a wide range of styles, from swinging jazz through brutal noise to the most delicate sounds, from meticulously composed pieces to free improvisation. Born in New York City in 1953, Zorn has seemed for more than 40 years to be a freethinker who surpasses all genre boundaries. His output has something of the universal about it, arranged in project series and collections of works, produced with great care and released as over 200 recordings on his own label, Tzadik. At the Elbphilharmonie he now presents essential facets of his art in 14 individual concerts, spread over a period of four days.

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The trio Simulacrum rains electrified sound masses down on the listener at top speed, while in »Holy Visions« Zorn sends his audience into raptures with sacred songs where the earliest music mingles with minimalist structures. The members of the JACK Quartet, experts in the very latest contemporary music, perform Zorn’s complete string quartets on two evenings – solitaires that vacillate between heavy rock and Schoenberg, between punk and grotesque film scores.

Stephen Gosling performs the iridescent musical kaleidoscope of the »Turner Études« for solo piano. Star soprano Barbara Hannigan focuses on Zorn’s songs, as does Petra Haden, to whom he dedicated the »Songs for Petra« that are reminiscent of Americana.

Hyper-virtuoso music is celebrated in »Chaos Magick« for jazz quartet, while smaller line-ups like the Gnostic Trio produce an idyllic mood on the harp, the guitar and the vibraphone. Zorn himself plays solo on the organ in the Grand Hall, and he can also be heard on the saxophone in three variations of his legendary core team Masada.

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