Kaulitz Hills Black-Tie Gala

Live Podcast with Bill and Tom Kaulitz

This event has already taken place! 33.50 | 42 | 47.50 | 54 | 62
This event has already taken place! 33.50 | 42 | 47.50 | 54 | 62
Bill und Tom Kaulitz
Bill und Tom Kaulitz © Brad Elterman

To celebrate the 100th episode and second birthday of »Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood«, Bill and Tom Kaulitz are teaming up with Spotify to host their first live event, all proceeds of which will be donated. In their podcast, Germany’s most popular twins talk about current topics and give their two cents on very different things. With a good drink in hand, they discuss their own weekly press review, dissect the baloney that is written about them and report on the latest and private happenings from the Kaulitz household. Here’s to 100 podcast episodes, two years of entertainment and lots of good drinks – live in the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall.


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Tom Kaulitz talk

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