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A ride on Europe’s longest escalator takes two and a half minutes – enough time to have a little chat with our celebrity guests.

82 meters long and 30 meters high, the Elbphilharmonie Tube is Europe’s longest curved escalator. The journey to the Plaza on the futuristic escalator takes around two and a half minutes. A great opportunity for a chat with celebrities visiting the Hanseatic city, with stars from the Grand Hall or with local Hamburg luminaries – from Jonas Kaufmann and Fatih Akin to Megaloh and Lena Meyer-Landrut.

NEW: A Talk with Bill and Tom Kaulitz

»We thought it was cheeky not to make music here, but just to chat,« say Bill and Tom Kaulitz, who presented their first ever live event at the Elbphilharmonie in November 2023. To mark the 100th episode and the second anniversary of their podcast »Kaulitz Hills – Mustard from Hollywood«, they hosted a glamorous Black Tie Gala in the Grand Hall.

In this short interview on the escalator, the celebrity twins talk about fish sandwiches and Hamburger Dom, Bill's blind date and which hit of their successful band Tokio Hotel they would like to play with an orchestra.

Tube Talk with Bill and Tom Kaulitz

Nahre Sol

Tube Talk with the musician and YouTuber Nahre Sol

»I could have been a vet! I love dogs!«

Tube Talk with the moderator Aminata Belli

»Who should be presented at the Elbphilharmonie? Baby-Joy!«

Tube Talk with the singer Annett Louisan

»My day ist the night as a musician«

Tube Talk with the author, trainer and consultant on anti-racism Tupoka Ogette

»Everyone should be aware that they are a political person.«

Tube Talk with model Alpha Dia

»Where do you get the best cocktails in Hamburg? I've worked in a bar myself and I can only say: not where I'm doing the mixing!«

Tube Talk with singer Tim Bendzko

»I always have stage fright when I do something for the first time. From the second time on, it becomes relaxed.«

Lena Meyer-Landrut

Tube Talk with Lena Meyer-Landrut, singer

»Hashtags for the Elbphilhramonie? #supercute #supersexy«

Niko Backspin

Tube Talk with Hamburg music journalist Niko Backspin

»Let's do some hip-hop here!«

Joy Denalane

Tube Talk with Soul-Singer Joy Denalane

»Who would I like to see at the Elphi? Kendrick Lamar, for sure!«

Hazel Brugger

Tube Talk with Hazel Brugger, stand-up-comedian

»I don’t know whether I’ll suddenly like classical music when I’m 30 ...«

Axel Prahl

Tube Talk with Axel Prahl, actor

»This would be a perfect place for a crime story.«

Andrea Petković

Tube Talk with Tennis Star Andrea Petković

»A tennis court right in front of the Elphi would be spectacular!«

Alice Sara Ott

Tube Talk with Alice Sara Ott, pianist

»You get the feeling that you sitting at the centre of a musical ocean.«


Tube Talk with Megaloh, rapper

»Always believe in yourself a little more than others do.«

Tube Talk with with Yannick Nézet-Séguin, conductor

»A conductor is the best example for a good manager.«

David Hasselhoff

Tube Talk with David Hasselhoff, actor and musician

»I love to see how much fun everyone is having.«

Alan Gilbert

Tube Talk with Alan Gilbert, conductor

»Mucis is life.«

Die Prinzen

Tube Talk with »Die Prinzen«, band

»Music – well, it's amazing, isn't it?!«

Alexander Hacke

Tube Talk with Alexander Hacke, member of Einstürzende Neubauten

»Music is simply a means of transporting truth.«

Michael Stich

Tube Talk with Michael Stich, tennis player

»Piano concertos are especially beautiful; they help calm me down, even when I feel stressed.«

Fatih Akin

Tube Talk with Fatih Akin, filmmaker

»My favourite film genre is horror! And a horror film without music…that isn’t scary, right?«

Kent Nagano

Tube Talk with Kent Nagano, conductor

»With music you can communicate everything.«

Michel Abdollahi

Tube Talk with Michel Abdollahi, journalist and host

»Without music, life is nothing.«

Heino Ferch

Tube Talk with Heino Ferch, actor

»I simply can’t believe it.«

Gustavo Dudamel

Tube Talk with Gustavo Dudamel, conductor

»Acoustically, the Elbphilharmonie is a delicious hall!«

Anton Barakhovsky

Tube Talk with Anton Barakhovsky, concertmaster

»If I weren’t a musician, I’d probably be a pilot.«

Jonas Kaufmann

Tube Talk with Jonas Kaufmann, singer

»I hope that the Elbphilharmonie will pass the 99-year mark.«

last updated: 27.07.2021

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