Im toten Winkel. Hitlers Sekretärin. Die Lebensbeichte von Traudl Junge

Film screening – Reflektor André Heller / Elbphilharmonie PLUS

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This event has already taken place! 5
Traudl Junge
Traudl Junge

Lest we forget

Traudl Junge was one of Adolf Hitler’s four private secretaries from 1942 to 1945. She worked for him in the Führer’s headquarters in the Wolfsschanze (»Wolf’s Lair«), in the Berghof am Obersalzberg and to the end in the Führerbunker in Berlin. She was there when Stauffenberg’s assassination attempt was unsuccessful in July 1944 and it was also she to whom Hitler dictated his will on the day before his suicide. In the film »Im toten Winkel«, Junge recounts her memories of the daily routines in the innermost circle of the Nazi regime, of the banality of evil and of the absurd contradiction regarding the brutal extermination policy of the Nazis.

She starkly reflects on her own role 60 years later and talks about displacement, responsibility and guilt. The film foregoes any padding and concentrates entirely on its protagonist. When she gives her account of the final days in the Führerbunker in a 45-minute monologue without any editing, an oppressive image emerges of the emptiness at the heart of this inhuman regime, which collapses when faced with the supremacy of the Allies. A harrowingly direct film against forgetting and a warning not to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Please note: This film will be shown in German.


Im toten Winkel. Hitlers Sekretärin. Die Lebensbeichte von Traudl Junge (director: André Heller, Othmar Schmiderer, AT, 2002)

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Reflektor André Heller

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