Mediatheque Stories tagged #SilkRoad

Elphi at Home: Majid Derakhshani
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Video on demand from 11 Apr 2020 : Elphi at Home: Majid Derakhshani

A master of classic Persian music as a concert stream.

The Silk Road

Discover the cultures along one of the world’s oldest trade routes

Incense in Exchange for Gunpowder

The Silk Road: a trade route that altered the world.

Seidenstrasse: Das Rezeptbuch

Sechs Rezepte entlang der Seidenstraße zum Nachkochen – getestet vom Elbphilharmonie-Team.

In Buddha’s Footsteps

How Buddhist teaching made its mark on the Silk Road.

The Music of Mongolia

New narratives from the steppes: The ensembles Egschiglen and Khusugtun.

The musical worlds of Afghanistan

The ANIM Ensemble reassembles the jigsaw pieces of Afghanistan’s rich cultural heritage.

Uzbek Songs

About the shashmaqam and an up-and-coming singer from the legendary city of Buchara.