Asmik Grigorian

Elbphilharmonie Talk with Asmik Grigorian

Art without compromises – star singer Asmik Grigorian talks about Sergei Rachmaninov’s songs, tattoos and the basic need for music.

»I can’t live without singing«, confesses Asmik Grigorian in the Elbphilharmonie Talk. For her, music is a basic need, not a means to an end. Four years ago, the Lithuanian soprano became a global star overnight when she took the Salzburg audience’s breath away as Salome in Richard Strauss’s opera of the same name. In the 2022 International Music Festival, the exceptional singer shows the Hamburg audience a very personal side: leaving the glamorous world of opera behind for a night she presents a lieder recital in the Recital Hall – a rare chance to experience her magnificent voice at close hand.

In the Elbphilharmonie Talk, she discusses Sergei Rachmaninov’s rarely heard songs, which she is performing with her musical partner on the piano, Lukas Geniušas. She also reveals how musical work becomes an intensive flow experience, chats about jewellery and tattoos, and explains why she no longer does recordings.


»I can never not be myself.«

Asmik Grigorian

Asmik Grigorian
Asmik Grigorian © Algirdas Bakas

24 May 2022: Lieder recital with Asmik Grigorian in the Recital Hall

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