Routes to Bach

Who was Johann Sebastian Bach? What inspired him and who were his role models? The French ensemble Pygmalion explores the unique composer’s influences

Raphaël Pichon
Raphaël Pichon © Diego Salamanca

A master doesn’t simply fall to earth from heaven – not even a master of sacred music. Today, we tend to think of Johann Sebastian Bach as a solitary figure in music history, but he was actually deeply embedded in a network of family and artistic connections, which he refined with hard work and artistic talent. Three concerts now approach his work in different ways.

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They explore the Bach dynasty of musicians, put the focus on his predecessors and role models, and trace the legendary walk of more than 400 kilometres that Bach undertook to hear Dietrich Buxtehude. The concerts are performed by the singers and instrumentalists of the dynamic French ensemble Pygmalion under its founder and chief conductor Raphaël Pichon – who is, according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung, »the best Bach conductor of this time«.

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