Vinci: Oratorio per la Madonna del Rosario

Das Alte Werk – Arsenale Sonoro, Francesca Aspromonte, Boris Begelman – »Viva Napoli«

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Francesca Aspromonte & Boris Begelman
Francesca Aspromonte & Boris Begelman © RibaltaLuce Studio
Francesca Aspromonte
Francesca Aspromonte © Ribalta Luce Studio
Laeiszhalle Hamburg
Laeiszhalle Hamburg © Maxim Schulz
Boris Begelman
Boris Begelman © RibaltaLuce Studio

Rarity from Naples

Besides Venice, Naples was also one of the most important musical cities in Italy from the 17th century. French lawyer and scholar Charles de Brosses even described it as the »capital of the music world«. The »Neapolitan School« – a group of composers originating from Naples who for over a hundred years significantly influenced the history of opera and moved stylistically between late baroque and pre-classical were a large part of this assessment. Besides composers Alessandro Scarlatti and Giovanni Battista Pergolesi, still very well-known today, Leonardo Vinci was also part of this circle. With his »Oratorio per la Madonna del Rosario«, 300 years after its premiere, you can now experience a real rarity and rediscovery at the start of the »Viva Napoli« Festival.

Leonardo Vinci’s operas also remained on the repertoires for a long time after his death in 1730 – evidence of the tremendous reputation of the composer. Yet the oratorio to honour the Madonna of the rosary was only handed down in a unique script and was virtually not performed at all any more since its origin around 1723. A challenge which seems to be made for the early music ensemble Arsenale Sonoro, formed in 2014. It has set itself the objective of reviving forgotten musical gems from the baroque period using painstaking research and passionate dedication. With the rediscovery of Vinci, the composer now celebrates his debut at the Laeiszhalle.


Arsenale Sonoro

Francesca Aspromonte Alba

Nicolò Balducci Angelo

Sonia Prina Maria

Mauro Borgioni Selim

Boris Begelman violin and director


Leonardo Vinci
Oratorio per la Madonna del Rosario


Das Alte Werk


Opera and Oratorio


Viva Napoli

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