»Amatssou« – Elbphilharmonie Summer

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Tinariwen © Marie Planeille
Tinariwen © Marie Planeille

Legendärer Wüstenrock

The musicians’ collective Tinariwen has a reputation as the »Rolling Stones of the Sahara«. It has enjoyed international cult status for decades now. Their sound captivates with a unique blend of Tuareg traditions and blues, rock and soul. Driving rhythms bring a unity to the different styles, while lyrics in Tamaschek (the language of the Tuareg) and French tell stories about the life of the desert nomads from North Africa, in a modern world that leaves little room for their culture.

Tinariwen’s music is an artistic protest demanding recognition, freedom and self-determination. For centuries now, the Tuareg have roamed the Sahara and the neighbouring Sahel region to the south between Mali, Niger, Algeria and Libya as nomads. After uprisings in Mali and Niger against oppression and marginalisation by the governments, peace treaties have been drawn up. Tinariwen, who usually wear the festive veiled turbans known as the Tagelmust at their concerts, continue to fight for greater visibility and the preservation of their traditions as cultural ambassadors of the Tuareg.

They have some prominent support as well: their current album »Amatssou« (»Beyond Fear«) was supposed to be recorded in the USA at the invitation of Jack White (The White Stripes) until the Covid-19 pandemic prevented the band from travelling. The songs were fine-tuned in the end by producer Daniel Lanois, who has also worked with the likes of Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Perhaps one reason why more echoes of country rock and bluegrass can be heard on this album.



Ibrahim Ag Alhabib vocals, guitar
Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni vocals, guitar
Touhami Ag Alhassane vocals, guitar
Sanou Ag Ahmed vocals, guitar
Elaga Ag Hamid vocals, guitar
Cheick Ag Tiglia vocals, bass guitar
Said Ag Ayad vocals, percussion




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