Jazz at the Kulturcafé

This concert has already taken place!
This concert has already taken place!
SlideProjection © Niklas Stadler

A musical look in the mirror

SlideProjection is all about experimental yet accessible jazz with ambitious themes and concepts for its musical programmes. In its debut album »Chronicles of Dehumanization«, the band led by the trombonist and composer Ken Dombrowski explores the growing influence of digital media on our lives and the hidden potential for manipulation that lies in that. Embedded in an electro-acoustic sound, SlideProjection uses stylistic contrasts to reflect on these themes through narrative, humour and provocation. The band thereby holds up a mirror to its audiences in a graceful and positive way; identifying, labelling and projecting the everyday moments and future hopes of an entire generation.

Jazz at the Kulturcafé is a monthly event presenting the most promising upcoming artists in the jazz and singer-songwriter scene. It is the perfect experimental platform for musicians and bands from Hamburg and all over the country. The atmosphere is laid back – and admission is free!



Ken Dombrowski trombone
Vincent Dombrowski saxophone
Christopher Olesch vibraphone
Nico Bauckholt double bass
Lukas Schwegmann drums


»Chronicles of Dehumanization«

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