Insight Orchestra

Elbphilharmonie PLUS

Surrounded by the orchestra

»Insight Orchestra« focuses not on a single instrument, but on a whole number of them: how does an entire orchestra function? What instruments does an orchestra contain? Who sits where, and what does a conductor look like from the front?

All these questions will be answered in detail at this discussion concert with the Elbphilharmonie Audience Orchestra and conductor Michael Petermann at the Kultur Palast Hamburg. What’s more, the audience sits among the orchestra and can observe the rehearsal work close up. At the end, the members of the audience have the chance to play an active role and perform small parts in the music themselves. Don’t worry – no previous knowledge is required! Everything is possible: it’s up to you.

People attending this event will listen to their next orchestral concert with different ears and may even hear the odd code that the musicians occasionally send each other in a kind of secret language.

The Elbphilharmonie’s »Insight« events give people deeper insights into musical phenomena. Experts in different fields explain aspects from their day-to-day work clearly and entertainingly and are happy to answer the public’s questions.

Estimated end time

approx. 16:15

Promoter: HamburgMusik / Stiftung Kulturpalast Hamburg