Heinrich Heine – »Ideen. Das Buch Le Grand«

Benjamin Appl / Elbtonal Percussion / Jens Harzer – »Heinrich Heine Fest«

This concert has already taken place! 30 | 45 | 50 | 55
This concert has already taken place! 30 | 45 | 50 | 55
Elbtonal Percussion
Elbtonal Percussion © Fritz Meffert
Benjamin Appl
Benjamin Appl © Uwe Arens
Jens Harzer
Jens Harzer © Sepp Dreissinger

»Schlage die Trommel und fürchte dich nicht«

Regarding the »Book Le Grand«, Heinrich Heine wrote to a friend: »I have broken a whole new path in it, at the risk of my life. I have also tried pure, free humour in an autobiographical fragment!«

In the allusive, witty, even ironically malicious book, Heine wrote about his life and environment in an artificial conversation (»Madame, ...«). The encounter with Napoleon and his soldiers is one of his major themes. The longing to find safety from Prussia and the censors in exile was something he was already feeling at the time. Five years later, he would therefore leave for Paris.

Heine’s lieder were arranged by Elbtonal Percussion for their instrumental universe – exciting sounds and songs in a new guise have emerged. The result is a picture of the young Heinrich Heine: feisty, clever, loved and antagonised.

Please note: this event takes place in German.

This concert is part of the festival »Kein Geburtstag, kein Todestag – Heinrich Heine Fest«. See all concerts


Elbtonal Percussion

Jan-Frederick Behrend percussion
Stephan Krause percussion
Sönke Schreiber percussion
Francisco Manuel Anguas Rodriguez percussion

Benjamin Appl baritone

Jens Harzer reading


Heinrich Heine
Auszüge aus »Ideen. Das Buch le Grand«

sowie Lieder, bearbeitet von Elbtonal Percussion / bearbeitet für Schlagwerkensemble von Elbtonal Percussion

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Promoter: Butzmann, Helmut

With support by the Hans-Kauffmann-Stiftung, the Mara & Holger Cassens Stiftung and the Martha Pulvermacher Stiftung

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