Ensemble Resonanz / Ilya Gringolts / Riccardo Minasi

Corelli: Concerti grossi

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Ilya Gringolts
Ilya Gringolts © Kaupo Kikkas
Ensemble Resonanz
Ensemble Resonanz © Tobias Schult

concerti & caprices

In his twelve famous Concerti grossi, Arcangelo Corelli translated the coexistence and interweaving of single parts and the whole into Baroque orchestral music that was to become highly influential. Ilya Gringolts counters this with capricious poses on the solo violin, celebrating the birth of virtuosity. Ensemble pieces encounter islands of calculated walks along the dividing line between the collective and the individual.

Arcangelo Corelli marked the pinnacle of the Baroque concerto grosso. His instrumental music travelled beyond Italy to influence composers all over Europe, in both his own and succeeding generations. If we listen to the dialogue structure of Corelli’s Concerti grossi, where a group of soloists is juxtaposed with the supporting sound of the whole orchestra, it is clear why the Baroque is referred to as the era of the concertante style. However, this was soon to become a thing of the past in the 18th century, as the soloist moved more and more into the limelight. The individual began to outstrip the collective.

Capricious – a word denoting something or someone whimsical, unconventional, even bizarre… The Caprices for Solo Violin written by Pietro Locatelli, Giuseppe Tartini, Niccolò Paganini and Salvatore Sciarrino are dominated by virtuoso elements that express the soloist’s individuality.


Ensemble Resonanz

Ilya Gringolts violin

conductor Riccardo Minasi


Arcangelo Corelli
Concerto grosso g-Moll op. 6/8 »Fatto per la Notte di Natale«
Concerto grosso F-Dur op. 6/9
Concerto grosso C-Dur op. 6/10
Concerto grosso B-Dur op. 6/11

Capricen für Violine solo von Pietro Locatelli, Guiseppe Tartini, Niccolo Paganini, Salvatore Sciarrino

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