Ensemble Resonanz / GrauSchumacher Piano Duo / Bas Wiegers

Isabel Mundry / Helmut Lachenmann – Elbphilharmonie Visions

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GrauSchumacher Piano Duo
GrauSchumacher Piano Duo © Andreas Orban
Bas Wiegers
Bas Wiegers © Marco Borggreve
Ensemble Resonanz
Ensemble Resonanz © Tobias Schult

Exploratory spirit

The Ensemble Resonanz is one of the world’s leading chamber orchestras – and a longstanding institution in Hamburg. The string collective regularly comes together with acclaimed colleagues to perform programmes beyond the realms of the mainstream. This time around, the award-winning GrauSchumacher Piano Duo joins the ensemble, renowned for their »telepathy« as they play in sync with one another. Together with conductor Bas Wiegers, they devote all their focus to the contemporary – with gripping works by Isabel Mundry and Helmut Lachenmann.

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»Why write music? Because you want to discover something new,« says Isabel Mundry, outlining her inner urge to compose. Her work is often driven by philosophical questions – the perception of time and space, remembering and forgetting – and sometimes simply the stark reality of everyday life. Her work »Signaturen« for two pianos, percussion and strings, which takes the last bar of a Mozart sonata and runs with it, recently had its premiere. The quest for new sounds is at the heart of Helmut Lachenmann’s work too. For his work »Double / Grido II«, the legendary »New Music« composer transformed his Third String Quartet into a sensual and spatially perceptible sound experience for no less than 48 strings.


Ensemble Resonanz

GrauSchumacher Piano Duo

Andreas Grau piano
Götz Schumacher piano

Dirk Rothbrust drums

conductor Bas Wiegers


Johannes Maria Staud
Im Lichte II für zwei Klavier

Talk with Isabel Mundry and Barbara Lebitsch

Isabel Mundry
Signaturen für zwei Klaviere, Schlagzeug und Streicher / Kompositionsauftrag von Mozartfest Würzburg in Kooperation mit Elbphilharmonie Hamburg. Finanziert durch die Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

Helmut Lachenmann
Double / Grido II für Streichorchester

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Elbphilharmonie Visions

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Supported by Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung

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