Ensemble Resonanz / Dirk Rothbrust / Friederike Scheunchen

Works by Antonín Dvořák, Andrzej Panufnik, Giacomo Puccini and others

This concert has already taken place! 16 | 29 | 44 | 59
This concert has already taken place! 16 | 29 | 44 | 59
Ensemble Resonanz
Ensemble Resonanz © Tobias Schult

Rare earth

Grand feelings when beholding exceptional natural phenomena, the beauty of nature as well as its menacing and endangered side have been a source of inspiration for composers for centuries: Ensemble Resonanz creates a musical hothouse of nature mysticism and melancholy intermezzos to join Milica Djordjevic in voicing anger and protest. Have we lost our grasp of the world?

Supporting programme: »bunkersalon« / 16 January 2024, 19:30, resonanzraum St. Paul
Thinking with open ears – talks about hearing. The »bunkersalon« series of talks organised by Ensemble Resonanz focuses on our sense of hearing with guests from philosophy, art, politics and science. The music itself always has its say: all information & tickets

Andrzej Panufnik, father of the Polish avant-garde, watches the branches dancing and swaying in the wind and listens with pleasure to the sighing and rustling leaves that whisper their own secrets. His composition »Arbor Cosmica« dates from the 1980s, when the ecological movement was just gathering momentum. Panufnik translates his contemplative experience into a wide variety of emotions and moods. Dvořák’s »Notturno« carries us off to an atmospheric musical landscape, to a dream world full of melancholy and yearning. And Puccini, first and foremost an opera composer, takes on the role of spoilsport: the chrysanthemums in his instrumental music remind us of the transience of all earthly beauty.

The Serbian composer Milica Djordjević expresses intense protest against the exploitation of nature: she dedicates her piece »Jadarit« »to all the ›little people‹ who are the real heroes in the attempt to give lasting protection to nature and life on our planet, in the struggle against global corporate empires and governmental machinery«.


Ensemble Resonanz

Dirk Rothbrust percussion

conductor Friederike Scheunchen

Annette Kurz scenography


Volker Staub
Waldstück Nr. 24 Schlagzeug solo

Antonín Dvořák
Nokturno für Streichorchester H-Dur op. 40

Andrzej Panufnik
Arbor cosmica (Auszüge)

Giacomo Puccini
Crisantemi (Fassung für Streichorchester) / Alla memoria di Amedeo di Savoia, Duca d’Aosta (Fassung für Streichorchester)

– Interval –

Andrzej Panufnik
Arbor cosmica (Auszüge)

Milica Djordjević

Promoter: Ensemble Resonanz

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