Ensemble Pygmalion / Raphaël Pichon

»Routes to Bach: From Arnstadt to Lübeck« / Works by Dietrich Buxtehude, Christoph Bernhard, Matthias Weckmann, Johann Christoph Bach and Johann Sebastian Bach

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Raphaël Pichon
Raphaël Pichon © Piergab
Pygmalion © Diego Salamanca

450 kilometers. On foot. No, we’re not talking about a pilgrimage. It was really more of a business trip when Johann Sebastian Bach set out in 1705 to walk from his place of work in Arnstadt to Lübeck. His aim was to hear the greatest organ virtuoso and one of the most important composers of his time, Dietrich Buxtehude.

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Bach accepted the trouble with his employer caused by the fact that he was gone not for the agreed four weeks, but for four months: after all, on his return to Arnstadt he brought a veritable treasure trove of musical ideas back with him. In the third concert of their series »Ways to Bach«, Raphaël Pichon and his ensemble Pygmalion by highlighting Buxtehude’s work.

Compositions by Buxtehude’s favourite pupil Nicolaus Bruhns, as well as by Bach himself and his uncle Johann Christoph, round off the picture of the varied musical landscape that Bach may have travelled through on his trip. Be it solo cantata or choral music, be it music for a chamber ensemble or for the splendiid sound of a full orchestra – the concert celebrates the richness of Baroque music between Thuringia and Schleswig-Holstein.

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Pygmalion ensemble and choir

direction Raphaël Pichon


Wege zu Bach: Von Arnstadt nach Lübeck
Werke von Buxtehude, Bernhard, Weckmann, Bruhns


Routes to Bach

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