André Heller’s Menschenkinder: Andrea Breth

Film screening – Reflektor André Heller / Elbphilharmonie PLUS

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This event has already taken place! 5
Andrea Breth
Andrea Breth © Focus / Herlinde Koelbl

Behind the scenes

Andrea Breth shaped Vienna’s Burgtheater of the 2000s and 2010s like no other stage director. Her psychological realist style made her one of the driving forces in German theatre. Numerous prizes and invitations to the Berliner Theatertreffen, a theatre festival in Berlin, were the reward for her work. In 2019, she bid farewell to the Viennese public for the time being with the production of Gerhard Hauptmann’s »The Rats«. In conversation with André Heller, she recollects an eventful time and tells of her career in the theatre.

In his film series »Menschenkinder«, André Heller has been profiling very different personalities and their lives since 2013. Insightful conversations give the interviewees free reign to recount from their memoirs. Without any pressure or specified direction, they disclose such intimate insights into their career, suddenly recollect long-forgotten memories and, completely incidentally, create a panorama of contemporary history and lived-in worlds. In this way, André Heller dives deeply into the German theatre world of recent decades with the stage director Andrea Breth.

Please note: This film will be shown in German.


André Hellers Menschenkinder: Andrea Breth (director: André Heller, AT, 2019)

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Reflektor André Heller

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