Elbphilharmonie Jigsaw Puzzle

Plaza Shop: Top 10 Elbphilharmonie Souvenirs

From a jigsaw puzzle to tableware – there’s a gift to suit every taste.

A shop for everyone – with a range of some 500 products, the Elbphilharmonie's Plaza Shop offers something to suit every pocket. Many products are produced by small local companies exclusively for the Plaza Shop, ensuring a unique memento of your visit.

Plaza Shop Opening Hours:
10:00–22:00 daily

A Stroll through the Plaza Shop

The Top 10 Gifts

Music Box

Beethoven for your trouser pocket: the elegant Elbphilharmonie barrel organ in a silver- or gold-coloured case plays the »Ode to Joy« from Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony – a reminder of the Elbphilharmonie’s opening night in January 2017.

Music Box
Music Box © Sophie Wolter

Dibbern china

A cappuccino simply tastes better served in an attractive cup. The espresso cups, plates and coffee mugs made by Hamburg manufacturer Dibbern have an elegant Elphi design and are hand-painted in platinum on the inside.

Porcelain Tableware
Porcelain Tableware © Sophie Wolter

The Jigsaw Puzzle

Build your own little Elbphilharmonie piece by piece: with a whopping 150 pieces, this micro puzzle is ideal for experienced jigsaw enthusiasts. And, at 10 x 15 cm, it’s small enough to fit into a tiny screw-top tube – making it a great way to pass the time when travelling!

Elbphilharmonie Jigsaw Puzzle
Elbphilharmonie Jigsaw Puzzle © Julian Conrad

Travel Candle

Rays of light to take away: the practical Elbphilharmonie travel candle makes sure you have candlelight with you wherever you go – whether you're sitting on your favourite park bench or on the balcony in the evening. The candle is paraffin-free, organically produced and comes in an eco-friendly bottling jar. Available in five colours and scents.

Elbphilharmonie Candles-To-Go nebeneinander in weiß, rot, gelb, blau und pink
Elbphilharmonie Candle-To-Go © Elbphilharmonie


This bookmark is a real work of art. It features a detailed image of the Elbphilharmonie, painstakingly worked into wafer-thin brass. These high-quality bookmarks are produced by David Howell & Company, who are known for their lovingly designed gift items.  

Elbphilharmonie Bookmark
Elbphilharmonie Bookmark © Julian Conrad

Bamboo Tray

Nuts, jewellery or keys – this attractive tray is the perfect place for food or odds and ends. Practical indentations ensure everything is well-ordered.

Bambus-Servierschale in Elbphilharmonie-Form vor einem Backsteinhintergrund
Elbphilharmonie Bamboo Tray © Elbphilharmonie

The Bamboo tray measures approximately 23 x 20 cm.

Pen Holder

No less decorative is the »white skin« pen holder: it's genuinely unique, as each piece of »white skin« is as unique as the walls in the Elbphilharmonie Grand Hall. That means the specimen on your desk will be the only one of its kind. Incidentally, the Hasenkopf fabrication company produces the elegant originals.

Pen Holder
Pen Holder © Sophie Wolter

Espresso cup

Perhaps this musical espresso cup will inspire you to play the piano? In any event, it will make every coffee break a stylish affair.

Elbphilharmonie Cup
Elbphilharmonie Cup © Julian Conrad

Snow globe

A classic souvenir: the lovingly designed Elbphilharmonie snow globe.

Die Elbphilharmonie Schneekugel vor einem dunklen Hintergrund
Elbphilharmonie Schneekugel © Elbphilharmonie

Face mask

Stop the virus spreading and still look stylish: the Elbphilharmonie face mask is available in five different versions.

Der Elbphilharmonie Mund-Nasen-Schutz gefaltet in 5 verschiedenen Ausführungen auf einem Backstein-Boden
Elbphilharmonie Face Mask © Elbphilharmonie

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