»Let’s Play«
Video on demand from 13 Feb 2024
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Live gaming concert: »Let’s Play«

Gaming with live music: the successful streamer Staiy plays live in the Grand Hall – accompanied by an orchestra and a Foley artist.

There’s never been anything like it in the Elbphilharmonie: gaming with live music! Broadcast in real time on a big screen, the online streamer Staiy played live on stage in the Grand Hall – together with a live orchestra and Foley artist.  

»Music is really important when you’re gaming. But when I imagine the sound and vibrations coming from an orchestra behind me, I think I might actually cry,« said Staiy, happy to be on his first visit to the hall. He didn’t end up crying during the three live gaming concerts, but it was certainly a special experience.

Staiy, who has more than 300,000 followers who regularly watch his gaming broadcasts on the platform Twitch, played two award-winning games on the Elbphilharmonie stage: »Journey« follows a figure in a cape with tricky puzzles to solve and tasks to complete on a voyage to a towering mountain in the distance. In »Lost Ember«, there is a wolf that can slip into the body and mind of other animals, and wanders around the ruins of a civilisation trying to unravel the mystery of its downfall.

The Ensemble Reflektor came up with just the right soundscape with a rich orchestral sound and Foley artist Simone Nowicki, who regularly brings (live) radio plays to life and creates goosebump moments in films.

Staiy on his first visit to the Elbphilharmonie


ensemble reflektor

Jochen Neuffer conductor

Staiy Live-Gaming

Simone Nowicki foley artist

Charlotte Oelschlegel moderation

Manuel Becker, Charlotte Beinhauer, Constantin Zill concept

Stefan Behrisch arrangement

Foley artist Simone Nowicki at the Elbphilharmonie

»Let’s Play!« »Let’s Play!« © Sebastian Madej
Simone Nowicki Simone Nowicki © Sebastian Madej
»Let’s Play« »Let’s Play« © Sebastian Madej
Staiy Staiy © Sebastian Madej
Jochen Neuffer Jochen Neuffer © Sebastian Madej
Staiy Staiy © Sebastian Madej

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