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Introducing: the reception desk in the Elbphilharmonie

You often see bewildered faces in the backstage area: Where’s my dressing room? Which access card do I need for the cafeteria? Thankfully, the reception desk staff are always at hand!

There’s always something going on here! The Elbphilharmonie reception desk is the first point of call for almost everyone who comes into the building – apart from concertgoers, of course. Which key card do I need to do what? And where do I find my dressing room? The reception desk staff are there to answer all these questions. But the reception is the first point of call not just for artists, but also for staff, postmen, journalists and external service providers. It’s the central point of contact for everyone, and functions as a kind of information and communication centre in the building, because someone is available to help here around the clock – even at night after the concerts.

The video series »Team Elbphilharmonie« presents the concert hall’s different departments and the people who work there.

Even more faces ...

... from our different departments can be seen here in the Elbphilharmonie Mediathek:

The stream-team

Elbphilharmonie Ticket Shop

The staff of the box offices

Thomas Sebescen

The technicians

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